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Chapter 999 - Jen


I freshened up and ate the breakfast I made with Ashlyn was about to go out when suddenly my holowatch buzzed, and I received the mails.

The mails are from the camp, and there are more than ten of them.

I was about to skip through them when I saw two emails marked important and when I opened 1st important mail, I was surprised to find it is for Ashlyn, though there is my name on it for Ashlyn.

"You have become quite famous, did you do something in the past few days?" I asked Ashlyn, who was lying on her stomach.

Chew Chew Chew…

She said she did not do anything, just flew around the mark. She did not even kill the Grimm monsters since I had asked her not to kill unless necessary if she came out of the tower before me.

'They must have seen her fight in the tower.' I said she is invited to a very important meeting. From the mail is worded, it is very strong people, preferably those who reached the 999th level and above.

I am right; the second important mail is common; it is inviting those who reached the 999th Level above for the important meeting.

As for how they verify who reached which floor, it is very simple the mark of the tower is still present on the wrist, one look at it is enough to know on which floor one had reached.

My mark of the Tower is completely red, means I had Conquered the Tower, those who have reached the 1000th flood but did not Conquer Tower will have White Tower and those who 999th floor will have a full yellow mark like others except where a faint white line on the top.

The meeting is at evening 8:00 PM sharp, and since it is morning, I have enough time. I Plan to head to the market and sell all my stuff, all the things I have, which I have no need for.

Usually, I don't sell stuff, but now I need a huge amount of resources, I am more than willing to empty up space.

I walked out of the camp to the market, which is bustling with millions of humans and Grimm Monsters walking around buying and selling stuff in thousands of shops that are present in the mark.

I booked the big empty space which I had got through a special ID, which they have provided to Ashlyn.

If I wanted to book this big space in the Market with ID, I would have to show my mark which would have wasted lots of time which I don't have.

I set a huge abode and started to place all the stuff I have; I am leaving nothing behind even selling the precious weapons like Cutters, I am leaving nothing behind that I do not have any us..

After I placed all the stuff, I sent hiring notice with the help of Ashlyn's Id, offering the price that is mouthwatering to even Adamantine.

Knock Knock…

I had just sent a notice when less than minutes knocked sounded on the door of the mansions.

I opened the door, and a pretty girl of chocolate complexion walked in; she is Peak Diamond with decent strength, wearing a full-body army with two black swords hanging

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