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Chapter 1015 - Rescued

Four minutes have passed, and now I reached the same precarious condition I was in a few minutes ago before my healing rule advanced.

The transparent Runic Cover had filled with the cracks, there is not a single surface on it which hadn't been filled with the cracks, and through these cracks, an immense amount of space particles have been entering inside.

I don't know if I would be able to survive even five seconds under such numbers of space particles; these particles are really too much; it wouldn't be long before they turned me into a bloody powder.

Unlike before, my skin is now completely bloodied and it is because of me drinking potion every moment and circulating the healing rule with all my might, I am alive right now, but not much longer, in two to three seconds, I would be completely dead.


I was just continuing with my survival of the seconds, but I heard a familiar 'Buzz' deep into my mind, and the next moment, all the space particles I had in my body got sucked toward a certain place.

Every new space particle that is entering my body is getting sucked there, and as for who is sucking it, it is my Tower. It is my Refinement Engine sucking up all the space particles and storing them into the base.

I don't know what it was trying to do, but I am more than happy it is doing; with all the space particles in me getting sucked, the pressure on me lessened considerably.

Now, I just have to be worried about the particle entering my body, which is huge in huge numbers, but I could handle them easily with the help of my killing Rule and potions.

After having a moment of rest, I looked at the Tower. Like I had seen a second ago, it had been sucking all the space particles and storing them in its base; I could see more and more space particles being added every moment in its base.

I don't know what it is going to do with nor care, I am grateful enough that it has given me precious few seconds of the to live.

I opened my eyes and looked at the Space Waves again, which are present everywhere. It is such an ethereal scene, and to be honest, I am quite happy I am dying in such a beautiful place rather under the blade of the Grimm Monster.

I do not have any ambition to die in battle; I always wanted a peaceful death at a scenic place.

Though most of my wishes would never come true, this one coming is making me happy; I don't want to die while feeling angry.

Looking a few seconds at the space waves, I looked at the Transparent Runic Barrier, which is protecting me.

It is filled with space cracks and thousands of space particles coming inside every moment, but despite that, it is not getting big cracks.

It is still holding on very tightly and holds on for another fifty-second before it finally disappears, and I will embrace death finally.

As death was second away, my whole life started to reply in front of me, and watching it, I felt som

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