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Chapter 1087 - Life Burning Curse

The four silvery fireballs looked beautiful in the night as they shot toward the Red Foxmen who were trying to activate their inheritance and defensive measures before the fireballs could hit them.

They did not try to run away from the fireballs because they knew it would be impossible with the fireballs speed, not to forget these fireballs could move to the will of the monster; they have seen how these fireballs have destroyed the missiles.

They had expected the monster to be powerful after seeing how it had destroyed the missiles but still felt they could handle it, especially with the help of the leader now seeing these terrifying fireballs that are tiny as eyes, they lost confidence, they did not do a thing even their leader could not deal with these dangerous fireballs.

Bang Bang Bang Dhub!

The banging sound rang out as the fireballs reached the Grimm Monsters and breached their shields easily before blasting them into ashes; the Grimm Monsters did not even get a chance to scream before they even died.

Not all the Grimm Monsters are dead, though; the one wearing the priestly robe survived.

I had thought it would die too as his defensive Art also got crushed under the might of Ashlyn's fireball's but right when it just touched its body, a grey field popped out of its body and repelled the fireball.

Protection Talisman!

I saw the Runic Shields covering its whole body, and its grade is quite great as it did not even ripple when it repelled the fireball.

"You bastard, you made me waste my life protection talisman that I had obtained after so much hard work." It screamed. Its voice lost its elegance and became a high pitch, which felt very grating to the ears.

"What are you going to do about it? attack me?" I mocked it; blazing anger appeared in its eyes as it heard me, and it moved its moved gemmed staff toward my direction in a fury.

"Hrselen melde auspet!" It muttered in Grimm language, and the next moment, a small black runic formation came out of its staff. These runic formations are completely black and have small smoke coming out of them.

For a moment, I did not understand such a strange attack before something clicked into my mind, and I paled a little.

'Curse Master!' I said in my mind; I should have guessed seeing the priestly robe, only these bastards were such clothes. I can't blame myself, though, I've only heard about them, never come across them before.

The 'Curse Masters' are rare in Grimm Monster, but these bastards are the most fearsome of the bunch; they are ants that could devour the tiger. These professions are very feared due to their strange curses and tricky behavior.

It was the Curse Master who has made my mother lose all her strength; when she talked about yesterday, I saw the fear in her eyes. Professor also said that these bastards are the trickiest bunch to deal with.

They are very hard to kill as th

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