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Chapter 1079 - Victory


The explosion blew out again, sending both of us back. This time too, I had actively taken the energy from the explosion. More than last time, as just as I stabilized, I moved toward Edmond, only to see him coming at me.


The real end of the fighting had started, and in just a few minutes, the result of the battle would appear. Both of us are using our everything; in one of the clashes, the winner would be declared.

'F.u.c.k!' Puh Puh Puh…

I cursed loudly as the energy of the explosion leaked inside me, and that wild energy tore through my body, seriously injuring me, making me puke blood several times.

The injuries are serious, but I have no time to care about it; I had just simply circulated the healing rule and continued fighting while reminding myself not to repeat the earlier mistake.

Suppressing the intense pain I am feeling, I moved toward Edmond again, who is also coming at me with the intent to end this battle as soon as possible. The battle had lasted too long, and it was time to finish it as soon as possible.

But it is not easy when both have nearly similar strength, and no combat tricks work on others. It makes it difficult to win the fight; one has to look for that one in thousands chance and take it.

As I fight again, Edmond, I see those hundreds of chances. All of them could help me defeat Edmond in a single move, it is what they looked like, but all of them are traps, expertly crafted through the thousands of battles.

That is why unless you have an overwhelming advantage, it is very difficult to end the fight in defined times.


The booming sound rang across the Arena, with both of us having pale faces. For the past few moves, Edmonds's defense also reached its limit; he could not defend against the ever-increasing power of the explosions.

Earlier, he had easily defended the power of the explosions again; his Brimstone armor had given him an envy-worthy defense, but now, as the power of the explosions increased, it had started to test the defense of the hi Armor.

If this continues, his powerful Brimstone Armor will not be able to save him from the continuous assault of the explosion, and that will be my chance. Unlike him, my armor's defense depends upon how I control it, and since the intense fight has begun, I am controlling it just fine.

Though there were some exceptions where I made some mistakes and received some injuries, they are behind me. Now, I just carefully fight, since the Edmonds defense is reaching the limit, he will make a mistake in action quickly finishing the fight.


I was right, right after his defense started crumbling, he became a little hasty; he did not increase the power of his attack but started to make his attack tricker, wanting to exploit a mistake in my combat Style.

It is a very good thing for me, as with a controlled explos

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