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Chapter 1085 - EMP Bomb

The first thing I did was send the emergency signal of the Grimm Monster attack to a closed city for reinforcements; after that, I looked at the attacks coming toward me.

Twenty-one projectiles are coming toward me, nearly blocking all the exits, but I am not worried. The ship had a state of the Art defense system that included its AI, which had already found several ways to defend against upcoming attacks.

The ship had already started to move while moving; it had also released flares to destroy the tracking projectiles coming toward us with my permission.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The airship moved around the projectiles while releasing flares, which destroyed every projective was coming toward us before making just toward the Midzone closest to us.

This time, I had activated the full speed. Since the Grimm Monsters have already found us, there is no reason to waste energy at stealth; it is better to use it to flee.

I am fleeing at full speed while continuously dodging the attacks that the Grimm Monsters ship is sending at me. It is chasing my ship at full speed, and I have to continue fleeing for about two hours before I reach the range of closest Midzone.

Ten minutes passed by since the Grimm Monsters started chasing me, and attacks continued, but the airship handled them fine. As long as it continues like this, I will be able to getaway.

As for stopping the ship and fighting, I am not an idiot to do that. Who knows what kind of Monster hiding inside the ship, the safest place for me is Airship.


The chase continued when suddenly a bright red projectile shot out from the Grimm Monster; just seeing it, I started shaking for some reason and knew that thing would be dangerous.

"WARNING AN CLASS II EMP BOMB DETECTED, PERMISSION TO LAUNCH OFFENSIVE," AI said, blaring, hearing what it said, I paled but responded very quickly, "Release all weapons, stop that EMP bomb at all cost," I ordered.

I do not understand the class of EMP bombs, but I know how dangerous they are. They are special formations bombs that could stop the working of any machine, whether it be an electrical, magical machine, or fusion like this ship, it could disable anything that it touched.

With my Order, the ship started to unload the whole Arsenal of weapons toward the EMP bomb. I did not stop its crazy releasing of weapons; from what I know, EMP bombs are crazy expensive normal people, be it humans or Grimm Monster, could not get hands-on themselves easily.

Even with this powerful and expensive ship, I did not get any EMP bombs; they are too dangerous to be in the hands of like me.

So, I don't think it has more than one, and even if it has another EMP bomb, I have enough missiles in the ship's arsenal to drown them as I am drawing this one.

About a hundred white dots moved toward the red dot coming toward; the projection shows everything to me. The Red dot moved toward me

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