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Chapter 1076 - Limit Of Knight II

He looked quite shocked seeing me dealing with his powerful attack easily before a bright smile formed his face. Next moment his sword blazed like an angry volcano before it came at me again like it wanted to turn me into cinders.

This time the sword did not divide itself into two; it just came at me directly. This move is direct, plain slash; there is nothing impressive about it except for the blazing hellfire burning on it.

It is giving me an intense feeling of the threat, ever since the battle started, I've not felt such a feeling from any attack, which undoubtedly means that this attack is extremely dangerous that I better not underestimate it.

Seeing it coming at me, I also swung my sword. It is also a simple swing; there is nothing before the sword having unimaginable strength as it tore through the air.

Till now, since the battle started, I have not used the energy I have got from my opponent. I had stored it in special formations, which I had created with the help of the mystic energies.

My Armor is strong, but it did not have unimaginable power to help me deal with the enemy. How powerful my Armor could be is totally dependent on how strong my control over it is and how powerful my opponent is; the stronger my opponent is, the more powerful my Armor would become.

The base of my Armor is crushing and converting the energies, with mystic energies like Domain Of Withering Sand. I could easily crush any energy and convert it just as easily before storing it into the storage formations made of mystic method, which worked as the base of the Mystic Method.

It is based on Mystic Energy; it is where I got the idea of storing energy into the formations.

I have tried these formations with other energies, but they are not suitable. Only Mystic Energies mixed with the healing rule could create the formation where I would store the raw energy.


My sword clashed against his sword again, creating a huge blue shockwave that, without surprise, had pushed both of us back a couple of steps back. This had happened for the first time; it is no surprise for us.

The attack now just contains too much power; I had not only used all my energy but also used nearly all the raw energy I had stored in the Armor. The blue shockwave has decimated everything it has come across.

All the stones turned to dust and created a small wave which clashed across the shield and made it rippled slightly. I also got quite an energy from the attack for my Armor.

Just as the energy crushed and covered, I moved toward the Edmond using all the raw energy I have stored in my Armor. The battle is nearing the end right now; there is no use in holding back anymore.

Seeing me coming toward him, his sword burst into even more dense hellfire as it came at my whole, having a wild smile across his face.


Deafening sounds started to ring across the whole

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