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Chapter 1088 - Life Burning Curse II


The pain is torturous, more painful than when that blood-red being started to create a Constitution Base inside me, here my very being is burning.

The curse is terrifying, it has not only enveloped my body but also the soul, and it is burning them. I felt like a kerosine dipped wood that burst into the blazing fire.

My throat had become dry from screaming, but I am still screaming. There is no other option for me to anything; the pain had immobilized me completely that I was even capable of opening my eyes.

If not for me feeling a sharp cold wind against me, which told me that I am still top of Ashlyn and we are flying at breakneck speed, I would have believed I had fallen into a cold dark pit from which I could not get out.

Time passed, I don't know how much, but I was finally able to open my eyes after huge efforts, and the first thing I saw a faint grey smoke coming out of me, it was coming out of every part of my body. The faint grey smoke by-product of my lifeforce being burned down with the power of the curse.

'Are we being followed?' I asked Ashlyn directly; I could barely move my body and did not have the energy even to utilize my senses.

'Chew Chew Chew…' Ashlyn chirped, saying that the Grimm Monster just laughed and left hastily, seeing that I could help feel relieved, and next second, I took out my airship after a huge effort.

The effect of the EMP Bomb had been over, and I could use the airship again; after taking it, I opened its door. Ashlyn and I flew inside; there, I opened the control panel and set a course toward Midzone with the greatest speed airship has to offer.

The sooner I reached the Midzone, the better; the powerhouse stationed there could help me, even if that powerhouse could not, the professor sure would. I had activated the SOS on my holowatch; as soon my holowatch picked up the range, the SOS message will be sent to the Professor automatically.

But I have to survive till that time, even with the greatest speed of the airship, I will need more than two hours to reach there, and I don't have that much time.

Seeing the rate, my lifeforce is burning. I will be completely dead in less than an hour; I have to do something to extend my life; otherwise, I am as good as dead.

Laying awkwardly on the floor, I gritted my teeth to the pain and extended my consciousness into my storage and started to take out all the useful things I have, from the potions to herbs to fruits; everything has started to come out.

In the ruin, I had got many good things, especially at the last battle; the things I had got were very amazing, seeing them forget Knight, even the eyes of the lord would turn with envy.

I looked at the small hill of things I had taken out and looked at the most useful thing, a small bottle in which thick green liquid is stored. It is the most powerful healing medicine I have.

I've got it from th

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