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Chapter 1080 - Party

"This seed has good potential, teach him well." A Very old voice said, "After he reaches the King Stage, we will be happy to take him in." Matron Mavis added.

Josephine got quite startled hearing it, she did not think Matron Mavis would talk to her. Though she was also a student of Riverfield Academy, that was the thing of more than four hundred years ago.

"Yes, Matron," I replied happily who just nodded before she softly started talking again with the Jillian girl who was sitting beside her. She is the only person Matron is actively talking with, even when the current leader of Hawthorn's Sea tried to talk to her, she only replied to him with one word.

She is very happy for Micheal, it is not easy to get praise for Matron. She is an old monster, one of the oldest living humans in the world. What hadn;t she saw, even simple praise for her means great things.

Hearing the praise, the faces of those from the Mistborn become a little nasty as if they had eaten something distasteful, but they remain quiet while some of them, especially Sir James and Sandra, glared at the Sky Saber side whose faces are worse than them.

"Please Welcome the Top 10 of the Championship on the stage." The host said fifteen minutes after the final battle is over. Edmonds and I were already on the stage while Jill, Ellen, and others came after calling.

We stood on a shiny new arena they had erected within fifteen minutes and received our prizes.

I've received a quite good Mystic Artifact, A Sword to be exact, a pass to ruin which only Supreme Organisations members have access to and place in 1000 in a competition that will happen in the Central continent two years later.

This place in 1000 seemed to be a big deal as I've jealous gazes of Edmond and others when the host mentioned it. Elina had many times mentioned the importance of the competition during our spars and how she intends to get into Top 100 of it.

This competition seemed extremely cutthroat; the very best people of all the world participate in this competition to earn the title of Battle King/Queen, and this time it is even special as this time it will be the 10000th year of the competition.

That competition had begun during the darkest times of our history and continued since then; it even happened when the Central Continent was nearly occupied fully by the Grimm Monsters.

It is considered sacred, and people prepare thoroughly for it, and despite having strict conditions, people flock to participate in it. Winning it is not proving themselves in front of the young generation of the Continent but also becoming light that takes the human race forward.

Since the Inception of the Competition, 95% of those who won it have reached the Tyrant Stage; nearly all the winners of the competition end up becoming leaders of their Organisations.

All this makes this competition very attractive to every young person in the Central Continen

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