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Chapter 1086 - Attack!

Around twenty missiles came at me, shining darkly under the moon like. With their speed and their tracking ability, it is impossible for me to dodge the missile, but I have Ashlyn, and with her help, I will dodge all the missiles.

Chirp Chirp…

Ashlyn chirped loudly, seeing the missiles coming towards use before she flapped her wings and flew away, and at the same time, she had released hundreds of fireballs towards missiles with each one radiating power to turn me into the Ash.

Ashlyn had merged the full power of Blazing Lotus into her source, which includes not only the fire element of fire but also the source power that is present in the speck amount.

Compared to her, I've only managed to merge only 43% of its power. Forget about the full fire element power of Blazing Lotus; I've not even able to merge with the source power that Blazing Lotus has.

That source power had come from the Super Expert that cast that attacks thousands of years ago. Normally a source of others can not be consumed; no matter small the amount is, it is poison.

But thousands of years, the mutation had occurred, and that source had become extremely nutritious to those who could consume it; Ashlyn had consumed it, and that made her extremely powerful.


The huge explosions started occurring behind us as fireballs of Ashlyn had stuck against the Missiles. It is very hard to hit the missions, and powerful AI is controlling it, and they could evade any harmful attack, but ashes attacks are not a normal attack.

She could control her fireballs through her will and somehow over smart the AI so that her fireballs could clash against the Missiles and destroy them.

The power of the explosion was so great that if not for Ashlyn covering with me with a powerful shield, even the Runic Armor I am wearing would not have been destroyed under the attack.

The Grimm Monsters were in the airship and were not going to leave with the single attack; right after 1st missiles exploded, they launched with another attack with more missiles; this time, Ashlyn was prepared and attacked right after the missiles released from the Blasters.


Attacks after attacks came, but each of them was dealt with by Ashlyn; there was no missile that was able to touch me, all of them destroyed by Ashlyn's attacks. It had lasted for a few minutes before it had finally stopped.

"Human, if you have been dead by a missile, you would have saved yourself a lot of pain, but now since you have become a c.o.c.kroach, we will personally kill you the most painful way." said the voice from the skeleton airship and next moment, latch above the airship opened, and four Grimm Monsters walked out.

Red Fox Tribe!

I said as Identified the four foxmen from their regal red bodies that are smaller than the normal Grimm Monster. All of them around the around four meters tall, which is unlike other Grimm

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