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Chapter 1069 - Family Drama I

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Tring Tring Tring

I was woken up by the loud alarm that I had set up before sleeping. I opened my eyes and stopped the alarm before waking up.

I had slept pretty late, six in the morning. My tinkering had kept me awake whole and some morning before it was finally finished. Even if I had gotten barely two hours of sleep, it is worth it.

Now the final will be exciting; I just hope that Edmond will not be disappointing. I hope I had Ellen or Jill to fight; that way, I would know my real strength.

Seeing there are only two hours before the Championship starts, I quickly freshened up, showered, wore my clothes and Artifacts, becoming completely ready for the battle that I will have in a few hours.

Seeing everything ready, I walked toward the kitchen. Usually, it is I who makes the breakfast but seeing I had not woken up, father would have made, I had thought as I walked toward the kitchen.

As I walked toward it, I started to hear voices that felt both familiar and unfamiliar, with the voices of my parents confused. Feeling curious, I quicken my pace toward the kitchen.

Soon I reached the kitchen and saw people I least expected to see in this place or at least not in the kitchen with my parents. It would have been if they had been Profession, it would not have been surprising much less shocking as it is right now.

Ten Minutes Earlier.

"Sigh, It's been twenty years already." said the old man with eyes filled with grief, "Yes, it's been twenty-five years since that incident." repeated women in their late thirties.

"Sandra finds where she is; it is time for her return home." Said the old man, the woman nodded and tapped a few buttons on her holowatch, and soon a surprised expression appeared on her face as she looked at her holowatch.

"She is in Cometh city, father." Sandra said as she saw the result, hearing that old man and man in the early forties beside her got quite surprised, "Where?" the old man asked as he readied himself to teleport.

The woman clicked a few buttons to see where the person they are finding is staying and when the result is shown on her holowatch, she couldn't help but get surprised again.

The place that appeared in the place she is planning to visit in the evening, she had wanted to meet with the sister of her closest friend but now looked like the person they are finding is also staying there, it surprised her very much.

"She is at Jospehine's place," said Sandra with a clear hint of confusion, hearing that her husband and father got quite confused. "What is she doing there?" the Middle-aged man asked.

"Forget it; we will know once we get there." Said old man, and soon his energy enveloped four people in the room, and they disappeared, and when they appeared, they were in the garden of the mansion.

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