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Chapter 1075 - Limit Of Knight I

His aura has become extremely horrifying and it is of a level I've never sensed before. It is way thicker than the aura of Adamantine should have; there is only one answer to this: Edmond had reached the unknown Level of Knight, the true limit of Knight.

Very few people are able to reach this level; this level purely worked on comprehension. You will reach it there only if you have the comprehension of it.

Professor had told me that this level brings complete change into one. This level provides an explosive growth, and one will be able to harness every bit of untamed energy hidden inside them.

Many people tried for years to reach this level, to bring out all the potential of Knight Stage as only doing that will bring their full potential out in the future stages.

This is what this unknown stage is so important; reaching it meaning having complete access to potential as one advance forward. I, too, wanted to give myself at least a year to try to reach this level.

"I did not expect you to reach the unknown level of Knight," I said to Edmond with a smile. I am very happy he reached that, as only now he had become capable of forcing to use the real power of my Armor, and I will finally know how powerful my Armor is.

"You seemed quite happy seeing me at this level?" Edmond said as his horrifying aura finally stabilized. "I am happy; thee earlier, you weren't capable of forcing me to use the true power of my Armor, but now I am sure I will have to use the real power of my Armor if I want to defeat you," I said with a smile.

"Well, good. I also want to see how powerful your Armor is." Edmond said, and the next moment, he came at me. The Violet ruines lit across my whole leg, and I moved toward him with speed impossible to be seen by a normal knight.

Only those bearing the power of Level 3 Inheritance will be able to see my speed, and even they have to try their all to see.

It did not take us a moment to reach next to each other as we swung our weapons toward each other while standing in the air. Most than half of the area had already been destroyed by our earlier attack, and what remains is not suitable for a fight.

So, we are fighting on the air, and unlike yesterday, where I could not build the momentum of the ground, today I could do it with some new formations that I had attached to my Armor.


Our weapons clashed, and a deafening sound rang out with it an invisible force field produced which had completely grounded the stones beneath us to dust and damaged the arena even more while we stayed on our spot as if nothing had happened.

The attack was really powerful, and the inheritance energy is off the chart that when it is crushed and converted into the raw energy, it quickly helps me charge several formations very quickly.

"Good!" said Edmond and attacked again, this time the attacks were even more powerful than before. As his current p

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