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Chapter 1070 - Family Drama II

"Mom, what is happening?" I asked, looking at these powerful people in the kitchen with my parents.

"Micheal come." Mother said as she beckoned me in, "This is your grandfather, aunt, cousins, and uncle." she said as she pointed towards the five people.

I shuddered a little when I found all of their gazes on me, their gazes may be normal, but they are from powerful people which itself held power, not to forget there are two inquisitive gazes from my 'Cousins' which are scanning through every inch of mine.

It is a very uncomfortable sensation, the one I did not like. My gaze couldn't help but harden a little seeing that. Cousins or not, it is very rude to scan one with their sense, especially this deeply.

My 'Aunt' seemed to understand what was happening when her gaze hardened a little, "Archi, Johanna, behave." she said angrily to her children. "Sorry, mother." Both apologized to their mother, not me.

"I am sorry, Micheal, for their rude behavior," she said, "It's nothing," I said, and uncomfortable silence spread across the room with no one having an idea about what to talk about.

"Is anybody hungry? I've made breakfast for everybody." said my father awkwardly; he is not good around people, especially unfamiliar, very powerful people.

"We would love to join for breakfast." said my Aunt; I could tell that two of my cousins had no wish to do so, but they joined without complaining after seeing their mother's eyes.

My father soon served breakfast, and everybody started to eat. I could tell that these people do not like breakfast, especially my 'Two Cousins,' what is delicious too is dirt to them, but they are eating it without complaint.

"Anna, the designer of Micheal's Runic Armor, is quite Indigenous, and his energy control is beyond comparison. Did you help him with that?" The old man finally asked.

"No father, except for manners, I did not teach Micheal anything." "Whatever he did, whatever he accomplished, he did with his own efforts." She said an unsealed pride could be heard in my mother's voice.

This seemed to startled five people very much, "Why did you not teach him anything? With your teaching him, his accomplishments would have been far greater than it is right now." My 'Aunt' asked.

Hearing the question, my mother's eyes hardened like never before, and I felt like the temperature of the room dropped several degrees. I had never seen such an expression on my mother's face, even when she was extremely angrily.

"Everything I know has come from Mistson; I don't want the slightest shadow Mistson in my son's life." " And, by the way, his present accomplishments are already enough for us to be extremely proud of him." Mother said as she gently pressed my shoulder.

Hearing that expression of grief and sadness couldn't help but appear on their face, they looked at the badge on their chest.

"So, you would not let him join the Mistson t

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