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Chapter 1055 - Winner

The explosion created a huge sound as it had completely covered Simon; I could see how silver energy acted like a fuse and lightened the whole Simon up.

The Eldritch Sword Art is a little different than normal or at least its first chapter, which is the only one I was able to read. It used one's ability and worldly energy to create a bomb that quickly spread over the user and create the explosion.

It worked really well, especially when there is another energy like just now Simon was using the Inheritance Energy and Energy of the Art. My attack had merged with them and created even bigger energy.


I was in my thoughts when the dusk around Simon cleared, but just as that happened, I saw Simon losing consciousness and falling down on the floor.

Normally it is very hard to make one this level of powerhouse unconscious, but the power of the attack was too great that Simon could not resist; he had fallen unconscious and quite seriously injured.

"Micheal Zaar Winner!" The host declared, and a deafening cheer broke through the audience. They seemed to have enjoyed the fight very much, as this is the biggest sound made by the audience.

I looked at Simons's unconscious form, which is being taken away before walking out of the Arena myself amidst the huge cheers.

"You have really found a good see, Josephine." "Capable of controlling more than a thousand Runes at the same time, there has never been a Knight in the past thousand years who had such exquisite energy control." Lady Vivian said.

"Thank You for praise, lady Vivian," Josephine said with a smile. "Josephine, that was quite a unique Art; I did not know you have something like that, your Academies Repository," she said, which strange glaze in her eyes.

Hearing the word repository, members of the Supreme Organisation had a strange gleam in their eyes. It is especially intense in the eyes of Wisdom Tower and Hawthorns Sea's members.

I entered the participant's area and finally felt little; the cheer of the audience was really too intense. I rather fight back to back ten times rather than face such a wild audience.

"Nice Explosion!" Jill said lightly as I sat on my seat, to that I had just smiled.

The comprehension of Art came at the right time; without it, it would have been really difficult for me to win the fight, and that was just a starting; there is still a quarter-final match, and if I am somehow able to win that there is semifinal which I really don't think I could win.

"The Battle Explosive, I hope our next would also create such impressions as this one had." The host said as she appeared in the center of the Arena.

"The next battle will be between Jillian St Palen and Bobby Watts." The host announced as the name and projections of both of them appeared on the screen.

Just as Jill's name is announced, an excited expression appears on the face of Jill; it is like she couldn't wait to j

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