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Chapter 1059 - Vs Camila III


Another loud bang rang out and pushed back, back faster than the last time, and a massive explosion came out; seeing it, the color drained on my face as I concentrated every ounce of soul energy I have on my Armor.


The explosion of multicolor energies hit me, and I felt as if a meteor slammed into me. The force was so immense that I knew my Armor would collapse and it would be over for me if I did not do anything at this very moment.

So, without thinking, I applied the bold idea that I had when I was shooting back earlier.

That split moment, I changed runic formations on my Armor; I nearly changed all the small runic formations that provide me speed and strength and replaced them with the crushing and converting formations.

With my energy control, it took me a split second, and as that happened, the immense force that came at me diverted to all the crushing formations.

Puh Puh Puh...

Still, it was not the perfect execution, and some of the energy leaked inside my body, which tore through, making me puke blood while back like a rocket.

As I was shooting back, the three overlapping domains that were covering us popped up like balloons.

In front of a huge shockwave of the explosion, the triple domains did not offer much resistance; when a shocking wave crashed into them, they blasted away.


When I finally controlled myself and landed on the ground, I found myself nearly on the edge of a huge Arena.

I wiped the blood from my mouth with my sleeves and looked forward to Camila, who is also standing near the edge of the Arena with a bloodied face and gaze that held a slight hint of fear for the explosion that had happened.

The fear lasted for a moment before it got replaced by resolve as she moved toward me. I sped toward her with the speed that was no lesser than her.

Gaining such speed is nearly impossible with my Runic Armor if I followed the standard design I had created but now I am not following the standard design as standard design could not give me the strength to win this battle.

So, for more power, I used a risky strategy. I replaced all the crushing, converting, and stretching formations with the speed formation and used my energy and covered energy to power it.

It is extremely risky, as not a single mistake could occur when I do this. A slight mistake, and I will lose the battle, but it is the only option I have. So, no matter how risky it is, I will use it to win.

A second later, I crossed the hundred meters distance and reached her; that moment, I against the whole speed formations to strength formations and attacked.

Camila looked shocked by the strength of my attack. If my speed had been surprising, then my strength was shocking to her, but the shock did not stop her from attacking; it again deepened her resolve as her weapon started to glow with more power as it came at me.


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