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Chapter 1056 - Top 5

"Now, it is time for the last battle of the Top 10." The Host said as Jill returned to the Participants Area. "Ellen Ashford Vs. John Hall." The Host called.

This is the last fight of the Top 10; with it finished, the Top 5 will be selected, that will be quarter-final, only winning the match will be one reach the semifinals that will happen today.

Ellen and John went out through the two doors and minutes later; they reached the Arena where their fight started with the permission of the referee.

The strange thing happened as the fight started, unlike her opponent John, Ellen did not use her bloodline. She had just summoned her white sword and moved to fight.

A frown couldn't help but appear on my face when I saw her body, even Edmond and Jill, who gave me the same feeling as she had shown some of their power when fighting.

Soon the frown eased on my face, Ellen is not someone who will get drunk on power and think less of her opponent, especially at this stage, and I was right when I saw the momentum Ellen is moving toward John and got quite shocked.

Her speed is great; I could see the resistance of Air when she moved through it, though her speed could not be compared to speed; it is extremely fast, a little slower than what I got when I activated the full power of my runic armors speed formations.

Which is a shocking thing as she is just using just her physical energy, not her bloodline? Even if she had hidden the visual effect of the activation of her Bloodline, the energy fluctuation would be sensed no matter how much energy control she had, but there is nothing.

It is quite difficult to gain such immense physical strength while still being a knight. It is likely the work of her bloodline; it is strengthening her body passively; it is quite common for a bloodline to do that.

The more powerful the Bloodline is, the more passively it will strengthen the host's attribute, and since Rachel's Bloodline is an Apex bloodline, it is not that surprising for her to have such scary physical strength.

Finally, both of them clashed and were equally matched, which seems to make John unhappy as the fury dawned on his face, and he started to attack crazily while Ellen was defending against them at the east.

Despite using his full power and Art, John is still incapable of pushing Elena; he could only fight her to a standstill.

Here in the Participants area, the four of us watched the fight very very carefully. Ellen is going to win, and there is no doubt in that, so we are watching every move carefully to create a plan to defeat her.

It is especially true to Edmond and Jill, who both were till now watching the leaning relaxdaily from their chairs have not strained up and now watching the fight with their abilities.

The fight continues with John using all his abilities while Ellen is calmly countering them. This lasted for five minutes before Ellen launched her offens

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