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Chapter 1051 - Rhea Vs Edmond

Camila returned to the amidst loud cheering; the battle was so amazing that it made the audience mad that they continued cheering even after Camila disappeared from their eyes.

Camila returned, but George not, he went to different places where he will fight for ranking later on, but that is none my business till I did not lose the battle that will come at me.

"Well, that was an amazing Battle; let's hope our next contestants would entertain us with their strength similarly." She said as she looked at the screen where the names were shaking.

"The next battle would be between Rhea Holt and Edmond Soren." The host announced. I was a little startled hearing that and couldn't help but curse inside my mind.

'Why did she get such a powerful opponent? I hope her Diamond Defense gives her a chance to fight back.' I thought as I mouth 'Best of Luck' to Rhea when she looked at me before leaving.

She nodded in thanks before she walked through the left door while Edmond through right. A minute later, both appeared in the Arena, amidst the cheer of the crowd, which is greater than the last fight.

"Both of you ready?" The Hostess/Referee asked both of them nodded.

"Fight!" she said.

The next moment, the things I saw was one of the greatest things I have ever seen in the battle in my life. It was mind-blowing, not only for me but just also for the audience.

As the hostess shouted fight, a huge change occurred in both of them. Behind Rhea, a very faint Phantom of Huge Snake appeared. It is huge and long. and has feathers covering half of its body.

The snake looked very dangerous and bloodthirsty, but its whole body covered glittering Diamonds. Even its phantom is very faint; it is enough to make shudders to all people who are watching, the huge phantom behind her that mesmerizes.

If I am not wrong, then the Phantom is likely the Mythical Feathered Serpent, A mutated/Type of Feather to be exact. It is her Bloodline, I had guessed about it before, but I had never been sure but seeing I am sure now.

Though the bloodline is not fully awakened, it is still hugely oppressive that normal people would not be able to move under such pressure.

As the feathered serpent appeared behind her, Diamond runes started to flow out her body till it created the majestic Diamond Armor; just as Diamond appeared her, a light gleamed in her hand, and the sword appeared.

The sword had a red handle and diamond blade, even from the distance I looked at, I felt cuts over my body. The sword's sharpness would not lose to my totem Artifact when I activated its enchantment.

While the spectator of Rhea was grand, the spectator of Edmond was a little muted but no less amazing.

He activated his Constitution and Inheritance at the same time, a layer of fiery Brimstone started to appear on him and covered him like Armor; the only part of his body, which is not covered his head.


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