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Chapter 1048 - Discussion

The Championship continued, fights after fights kept being fought in ten arenas. Some fights ended in second, while others took hours. The audience in full spirit while some intelligent people like me frowned.

Especially me who is feeling intense pressure, as I watched the fights, I couldn't help but notice how weak I am. I may be able to reach the Top 10 but going further than that would be extremely difficult.

In the ten groups that were fighting, I noticed some people were still winning the fights in single moves, and by the time battles for Top 10 finished on the 13th day of the Championship, I was in intense pressure.

I am feeling pressure because of the ten people that got into the Top 10, seven of them had finished their battles in a single move, without showing even an ounce of their power.

Jill and Ellen are among these people, and two who had shown their powers were Rhea and me; even Rhea hadn't revealed Diamond's defense of hers, which means she is still holding back a lot of her strength.

I am not the only one who is lacking in confidence in myself, others too, which is why when I checked the betting site, I found my odds are worse. Even Rhea had much much better odds on her and than me.

I had just returned to the mansion with the professor a few minutes, and now we are sitting in the conference room discussing the strategy.

"You should be most careful of two people tomorrow," Professor said, and the projection of two people appeared in front of me, "Edmond Soren and Ellen Smith." She muttered.

I looked at the projection of Ellen before turning toward the projection Edmond. Seeing him, my expression couldn't help but turn serious. It is not only because he is powerful but also because he is the target I had to defeat no matter what.

He is the member of Sky Saber and the same young man which the powerhouse of the Sky Saber had brought with those two people. Ever since, I know, he is participating in the battle, I wanted to defeat him.

"Both of them are extremely powerful," Professor said with a sigh, "You might not know, but that friend of yours had an Apex Grade Bloodline, which is the most desired thing in the whole world," she said.

When Elina heard 'Apex Bloodline' a look of extreme lodging couldn't help but appear in her, I do not know much about Bloodlines, but I know their value is greater than a special constitution, and Inheritance as a powerful Bloodline could give these two things to his host.

I had known about Ellen having bloodline, she had not hidden from me, but I did not expect it to Apex Grade Bloodline, which changes everything. The Constitution I had been so proud of is nothing in front of her.

If she had activated her Bloodline Completely, then Bloodline would grant her an Apex level Constitution which will be a grade above mine, and that will be just one of the perks of Apex Bloodline given.

"This is Edmond Soren,

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