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Chapter 1042 - Top 100 I

"Good Luck!" Rhea said as I got up for the battle, "Thank You." I said even though I don't need it. The opponent of mine is average, he is just someone with the Level 1 Inheritance strength.

To the other place of the Continent, this strength would be something but in this competition, it is just as average strength.


I walked out of the participant area, just as I did, a man in a black suit standing by the entrance tapped on my back lightly. I nodded him thanks before walking away.

The man in the back suit is King Level powerhouse, and what he just was just added small energy protection on me, which would save me for any fatal attack that came under.

Soon I reached the Arena and found myself face to face with a bald teenager about the same age as mine.

He is fully armored and has a black Saber by his waist which looked quite beautiful compared to the plain cutter Ive by my waist.

"Both of you ready?" the white-uniformed referee asked both of us and we nodded in unison.


With our nod, the referee uttered the fight just as she did, I disappeared from my spot and appeared in front of the bald teenager who had just slightly taken out his saber from its scabbard when he metallic blade just hair breath away from its neck.

"F.u.c.k!" he cursed and slid his saber back into the scabbard with the defeated sigh. This guy must have very high hopes about his victory and wanted to impress the crowd as she dressed in such beautiful armor and used such beautiful saber.

But unfortunately, his opponent was me who had defeated him before he could even take out a weapon from his sheath fully.

"Micheal Zaar, Winner!" Referee announced. I nodded the referee and my opponent respectfully before exiting the Arena. I walked the participant's area while looking around the battle going nearby arenas.

Most of the fights are quite boring, but some of them are quite interesting; some strong people are paired and not fighting quite a good battle, making the audience cheer for them loudly.

"Nice battle," Rhea said as I sat back on my chair, to that I had just smiled. The battle was utterly boring; my opponent wasn't even able to completely draw up the weapon before I utterly defeated him.

Few more minutes passed by before it was Rhea's name that had appeared on the board, and she walked out of the participants' area to fight but returned two minutes later as. Like me, she also finished off her opponent within a second.

Time passed by as more and more fights continued across the arena, every hour, I would be called for at least once in an hour, and I would finish that fight within a second.

I am not the only one who is doing that; all my friends and others who have the strength are doing that.

Finally, the first day is over, and in the night, I did what I do on most days, I spent some time with the family before training and sleeping, and such the n

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