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Chapter 1054 - Explosion


"It seemed like I have underestimated this Runic Armor of yours," "I should have used my full power at the beginning and use it to finish you off as soon as possible," he said as he landed back.

To his admission, I had just smiled. Telling him he was right would feel like gloating, so I might as well just smile and wait for his attack.

It had been over twenty minutes since we had started fighting and I had collected a lot of data on him. With this much data on him gave me 70% confidence to win the fight.

If I had ten more minutes and he had shown his Art, that would have turned to 90% but still him giving me twenty minutes is more than I had expected; I will make do with what I have to do

"Be careful now, I am going to use my full strength," he said, and an amazing visual Phenomenon erupted around him, which made the audience gasp as it looked very beautiful.

'Art of Ten Thousand Leaves.' I said as I saw the runes on his Robe lit and beautiful leaves appeared around him that looked like they were carved from the flecks of Emerald.

He is at the 1st Level of his Ten Thousand Leaves Art, which gives access to thousand leaves. These leaves may look delicate and beautiful, but they are extremely dangerous; the sharpness of these leaves is comparable to my sword.

With the full power of his Art and Inheritance activated, he appeared in front of me as if he was teleported and attacked. As he did, a wave of thousands leaves came behind his Saber.

I wanted to dodge, but it is nearly impossible to do that; the speed of his was so great that I would not be able to take a step back, much less dodge. Under such an attack, I could only counter.

So, I activated all the Runes of my Runic Armor, holding nothing back as I swung my sword. This is a real battle full of strength and winning it will depend on how speedily I could operate my Army.


Dhud Dhud Dhud…

Our weapons clashed loudly and sent an immense amount of Inheritance at me, which left my Armor intensely, but that is just a starting; right after the clash, the thousands leave attacked.

The attack felt like that of the machine gun; each leaf had a power greater than the bullet that would though my body if my Armor was not able to defend against them.

My Armor in intense pressure, It is shaking madly as if it is on the verge of collapse, and I would not lieit is really; it near the collapse. If I had not been operating each rune with all my soul energy, the Armor would have crashed already.

The power of the Level 4 Inheritance is really amazing, more powerful than I had thought that would these attacks coming; I had to expel nearly half of the energy which had been crushed.

If I tried to convert more than half of the attacking energy of it, the Armor would collage. I am already taking a huge risk of converting half of the energy as I have an extreme need for it; my own strength is n

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