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Chapter 1052 - The Wind Duplication

"Wow, that was quite a fight. It had completely blown my mind." The host said, despite her immense power her voice seemed quite shaky.

The fight was really amazing, it had blown everyone's mind. The audience is still cheering Edmonds's name even after the fight is over.

Edmond had shown his power and finished off one of the most difficult opponents within two minutes. I could still remember his intense attacks like spider webs that entangled Rhea more and with every attack.

I wish I had enough time to accept the Inheritance, If I had I would not be weaker than Edmond. I too have a Grade 12 Constitution like him and with the Inheritance, I would have been able to draw its full power of my Constitution.

"The next fight will be of Simon Tusk and Micheal Zaar." I was busy in my thoughts when suddenly I heard my name, when I looked ahead I saw my image projecting with Simon's.

'Looks like, it is finally my turn." I said to myself as I stood up, I saw good luck that Jill and Ellen's mouth before looked at Simon who was looking at me before I waled to the left door while Simon to the Right.

"Micheal Micheal…"

When I walked out, I heard thousands of voices calling my name, it felt a little overwhelming seeing thousands of people calling with you having only meters distance between them.

It is a good thing there is a forcefield separating them to me, otherwise, I am very sure they would have come at me like hungry wolves and I would have drowned in their bodies.

I smiled at them seeing they were taking photos but also quicked my face toward Arena and a few seconds later, I walked out the tunnel into the huge Arena under the gazes of Millions of people.

For a few days, I had fought under the eyes of these many people but not all of the eyes were locked on me, there were ten arenas around where Battles were fought consecutively.

I had to take a couple of breaths before I walked toward Simon who is already in the center of the Arena.

Simon is a muscled guy wearing full-body Blue Armor, he is from the Windows Temple, and if intelligence is right then he has accepted the Level 4 inheritance which makes his very very powerful opponent that I had to give my all to fight.


As we appeared ten meters away from each other, the hostess appeared between us and I have to say she looked even more beautiful up close and it was a lot more powerful than I had initially thought.

"Both of you ready?" she asked, we nodded in unison. "Fight!" she said after a second.

Just as we heard the word 'Fight', we moved toward each other at our greatest speed while activating our powers. A thick Silver liquid with many colored lines started to spread around my body and a moment later a Solid Runic Armor appeared on my body.

He is fast!

I thought as I sword appeared on my body and speed runes lit on my armor. I have to be careful of his speed. Those from

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