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Chapter 925 - Grimm Monsters Attack

In the evening, I had gone to the meeting but returned three hours later after attending a meeting, eating and training, and now I am meditating again.

I am still on the 4th layer as I don't think I am capable of withstanding the pressure of the 3rd Layer, as I am barely withstanding the pressure of the 4th Layer, I will take us quite a while before I can perfectly accommodate the pressure of the 4th layer and think about entering 3rd layer.

Time passed by as I meditated to comprehend the Rule and soon the Midnight came, but I still did not move away from my spot and continue comprehending the Rule Power without care for the World.


I was meditating when a huge vibration came out of my holowatch, and its power was so great that it had completely shaken my body.

I had not put up an alarm, and normal mails could not come in when one inside the layer comprehending and not to forget that huge shake.

This all could only mean one thing, and when I looked at my Holowatch, I was right the Grimm Monsters had finally made a move, the battle will start soon, I thought as I slowly got up from my place.

I feel very pressured in the 4th layer, but still, I tried to be as fast as I can and it still took seven minutes to walk out of the 4th layer. As I walked out of the 4th layer, it took me fifteen minutes to go out of the meditation field as everybody started to go out.

Every member of this City who is Silver Elite and above has received a summon, and so is the called reinforcement like us.

The only people who did not receive a summons were the people who have come, especially to Raven, to comprehend the Rule, but they will, too, receive the summons when things get hard on the battlefield.

As I got out of the Meditation Field, I shot toward the Adventurers Paradise, I've even used a sliver of energy from FeatherLight to increase my speed.

"The Grimm Monsters had made their move, hun!" I said when I reached Elton and my teammates, "Yes, we have got orders to wait in the wall." Said Elton before we started to fly toward the city wall, like many other people.

The sky of the Raven City is filled with people, everyone when one in the shiny sky they will see the people who are flying toward the huge city wall.

The city Wall of Raven City is quite new; the old wall could not compete against the swift development that Raven City was going through; thus it is demolished, and in its place, the new huge wall is built which is a hundred meters tall and ten meters thick and is inscribed with various strengthening and other formations.

Once the forcefield of the city got activated, then Knights could forget about breaking through it, only those who were above the Knight would have a chance to breach the wall through their strength.

Soon we reached the wall, but unlike most people, we did not go over it and stand over it; we walked inside the wall,

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