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Chapter 933 - Killing Adamantine


As I appeared in front of the Green Wind Foxman, I breathed out a large cloud of Black Sand, which is four times bigger than what I use to attack.

This attack was not purely of the Domain of Withering Sand; I had mixed a large amount of Featherlight energy inside, it is also three times more than what I had usually used, so one can imagine what kind of speed my attack had.

Seeing the attack, horror appeared on the face of the Foxman as the ripple of its defensive method got darker, and it tried to speed away from the attack. In our fight, I was not the only one holding back as its speed instantly doubled when it started to run away.

But the speed of the Black Sand Cloud is too fast with having violet energy of the Feather Mixed in it; it had caught up to it before it was even able to take the ten steps.


It screamed loudly as it ran away, this time it screamed even louder, it was so high pitched that it felt like a sound attack and not the type of scream one would let out when one is in pain.

It is running like crazy; in pain, it had even dug out its hidden potential, which made its speed increase three more times. Seeing my face became sharper, and I disappeared from my place.

Attacking it with Domain of Withering Sand is just 1st part of my plan as not enough to kill it. It will survive with the power of its defensive method and Adamantine level power.

Which is why, I had directly appeared in front of it and attacked it with my sword, using all the power of featherlight I could muster to make my movements faster. What I am doing is a very risky move, and that could even cost me my life, but at this moment, I did not care about it.

The Golden Chance of defeating Adamantine while still, a Diamond is rare. I am not only taking this risk to boost my self condense and inner glory but also as my defiance to Guild, showing them what they have lost as they continue to oppress me.

Though I know in front of those people, this act would be nothing, but for me, it is everything, it is the best possible way I could show my defiance against the Guild at my current level, and this is the main reason why I took such life-threatening risk.

Despite feeling torturous pain and covered in Black Sand Cloud, it seemed to have noticed my attack and swung its rapier at me unconsciously, its Rapier is fast, but my sword is faster.

My sword swiftly avoided the Rapier that came to counter it and arrived at its chest. As my sword touched the defensive Ripple, it easily pierced through it.

Meditation in Ice and Fire Building took my Sunfire Rule to the absolute peak, which increased the power of the Enchantment of my sword; even if it hadn't increased, it would still be able to pierce through it albeit with little difficulty.


Seeing my sword piercing through it, it wanted to change the direction but how easy can it be with such a fast sw

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