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Chapter 930 - Phantom Fox II

"You Bastard Die!"

It said as it attacked me with its fiery Claw, this attack is very powerful, and one could guess its power by the fiery layer around its claw, which was created by the air friction.

'Finally, a worthy opponent.' I said as I saw its fiery claw that was coming toward me. Seeing its claw, I did not try to dodge; instead, I swung my sword at it. I am going to clash against it head-on.


Both my sword and its claws moved toward each other before they clashed with a huge clang that rang across the battlefield. The force that came from the attack is intense, that it shook my whole body.

The Foxmen also had the same reaction, the energy Phantom of it shook a little as its claw and my sword clashed. Its eyes went wide when it saw that the power of the attack had the same reaction as me as on it.

It had probably thought I would get blown away by its attack, as we both may have the Phantom method, but there is a difference in the three levels between us.

It is a Seven Star Diamond while I am just a Four Star Diamond, it is such a huge difference in power, and when people are using the method of the same grade, it makes a huge difference.

The humans that had stayed behind me to provide me the backup were also shocked when they saw it before a smile came across their faces. They started to leave to fight other Grimm Monsters as; clearly, I do not have the need for their backup.

"Shocked right; give me something stronger!" I said while holding its claw by my sword. To my provocation, I did not do anything, but I could sense it's killing intent for me reached new heights.

Swish Swish Swish…

For a few seconds, it did not do anything, but suddenly, It opened its mouth and launched attacks of wind blades.

Tense of meter-long wind blades came at me with unimaginable speed, and the most dangerous thing is, these wind blades were launched from very close range. There is barely a seven meters difference between me and it.

These wind blades coming toward me are very dangerous; they are not only method attacks, but they are also coated with Phantom Energy, which makes them even more dangerous.

I am very confident that my Armor could defend against these wind blades, and the maximum I would receive is a common injury. However, still, I don't want to do that, especially against the attacks of Foxman, whose tribe is famous for their wiliness.

So I swiftly took back my sword, which Foxman tried to keep within its claw with all its strength and disappeared from my spot, but just as I appeared five meters left, I saw the tail of Phantom Fox coming at me with fiery momentum.


I could dodge it, but I did not; instead, I swung my sword at the tail. As our weapons clashed, I felt my body shake again, and with greater force than before, the tail attack of it was quite powerful, but it is not over yet.

The huge tail of it tried t

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