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Chapter 923 - Four Star Diamond II

I took out all the herbs needed to make the potion and started to clean them through the various procedures before adding them into various flasks and beakers in various shapes before making a complicated network of the Glass tubes.

High-level potions could not be made with just boiling the ingredients together; there are much-complicated procedures involved using various complicated glass equipment.

The instruments I am using are not normal instruments; each of them has the complex runic Array carved on them for the specific function. If I chose the boiling flask with the wrong array, then the whole potion will collapse, and I will have to start all over again.

I started crafting the potions, following the procedure as it is in the knowledge I had got from the knowledge crystals.


Everything was going well in the first hour, but suddenly, one of herbal which essence I was extracting through the steam burned crisp and that burned smoke traveled to the central sphere where all the smoky essences were fusing, spoiling them whole.


I took a sigh of regret seeing that before I started cleaning, and after I had done with cleaning, I watched the footage about where I had gone wrong. Soon, I was able to spot my mistakes, it was a very tiny mistake, but that tiny mistake had cost me the whole potion materials.

After going through the footage one more time to see if I had not made any mistake, I started crafting again, this time becoming even more careful, but I failed again in two hours when I was just the last stages of finishing the potion and all it due to tiny mistakes.

I repeated the same procedure as earlier; the only difference was that I already had what mistakes I had committed, but I still watched the recording twice before I started to craft potion again.

I had four sets of materials for this potion, the two had already wasted, and now I have only two. I could only afford failure for one more time, but I am not going to fail; this time, I am going to craft the potion without failing.

I started again, and with the experience of the past two times, my movements are very fluid. I continue with a one-track mind, not focusing on any other thing than the potion, and finally, after nearly three hours later, the potion is finely crafted.


Seeing the pitch-black liquid in the flask, I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief and tiredness; it had been seven hours since I had started crafting the potion with a singular focus; it had made me quite tired mentally.

This is why, after crafting the potion, I did not eat it directly; instead, I had rested for half an hour before getting up and dividing the potion into two for Ashlyn and me.

"Here," I said to Ashlyn as I gave her share of the potion, right after I gave her share I gulped down my share, and I have to say it is the most bitterest thing I have eaten, it was so bitter t

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