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Chapter 939 - Grand Cleansing

Warzone 01

"Has anybody had a reply to this." asked a girl as she flashed a letter in front of all the six members, and nearly all of them had the look of anger flashing on their faces.

This is the most explicit threatening letter they have ever seen since they have taken the place on the High Table, except for the seniors of their organizations, nobody dares to threaten them so openly.

There are quite explicit lines like, 'After I sent the letter to War Tower with my teachers Seal, I will come for you to beat the shit out of you and that time, I will see if your organizations and those two bastards who are pulling strings from behind dared to help you.'

It is clearly written in the letter; she even explicitly stated what she will do with two people when she has enough power.

"She is openly threatening us." Said, blond-haired man named George, "So what she is threatening us with her teacher behind her there is probably around four to five people in the whole world that dare to do something to her."

"So George, whether you want or not, we will have to fulfill her wish or get reported to War Tower, we all have no wish to get reported to War Tower." repeated the young women.

The young man named George's expression is really bad as it is his organization that put the fake record, and as they said, whether he wants or not, they will give that guy permission to enter the ruin.

They all have agreed to fake record because they have nothing to lose and the one they were doing that was just an ant with no power to stand against and no backing but now things are different, that ant now has the backing of Dinosaur, which even those who gave him the order to do that will not dare to offend.

"Give me ten minutes before giving him permission," George said and disappeared from the room as if he was teleported.

Soon George went to a secret place, and made a call while wiping the beads of sweat that appeared on his forehead.

Soon the other party picked up the call, this call one of the tensest calls he had ever done, and by the time the call was finished, his whole body drenched in sweat as if he had come fighting an exhausting battle.

This call was even more exhausting than the long battle, but it was over, and now I could finally, and now whatever happened, it won't be my responsibility.


"He found a backup and quite a good one at that." His sister said, "So, what he found the backup, he may have found a way to enter that tiny Ruin, but he won't be able to return from it." I replied.

"Well, higher-ups had been asking me to finish him off so Rachel could progress faster without any guilt or worry, and now with him dead, both of those things will disappear from her mind as well," I said with a laugh.


Today is the day the Trojan Ruin will open, and I am quite excited about it; just as Ellen had said, three days ago, I got permission to enter

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