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Chapter 942 - Blood Thralls

Blood Thralls!

These Bastards are Blood Thralls, the unfortunate souls which had been transformed by the Blood Pond. They had completely lost their mind and became an entity of which only knows how to attack when someone entered the Blood Pond.

The Blood Pond is made from the blood and other parts of the Super powerhouses that fought in this Ruin thousands of years ago. By unique nature to this Ruin, that Blood had conjured up and turned into Blood Pond.

Blood Pond is said to be a Semi Living entity due to its ability to create the Blood Thralls; they are called Vampiric Pool.

The Grimm Monster, who came to use the Blood Pool, takes the huge risk as when they are not careful enough when consuming the Blood Pool, they could be converted by it like these seven beings surrounding me.

In them One is Human, Two are monsters and last four are the Grimm Monsters, those four of them must have been consumed by it when they are trying to devour it.


I said as I called out Ashlyn, and at the same time, I had called took out very beautiful Rapier, which has become f.u.c.k.i.n.g heavy under this four times Gravity.

Its original weight is half-ton, which one would not think it would weigh seeing such a delicate and beautiful Rapier, and now under this four times, Gravity weight of its became two-ton which is heavy for me.

Seeing this, my expression couldn't help but worsen as I am fairly confident that I would not be able to my Totem Artifact, which would weigh around Four Ton in this Ruin.

So, I will have to fight these seven Adamantines with this Rapier; it's good thing I have Ashlyn; otherwise, it would have been very difficult for me to finish off these seven Blood Thralls.

Roar Roar Roar…

Seeing me bringing weapons in my hand, some kind switch had been clicked inside them as all seven of them came at me.

I have a maximum of half an hour to finish these Blood Thralls as these Blood Thralls are immortal as long as they are in the pool.

I will have to destroy their core within half an hour, so I will have enough time to deal with the lake before they respawn.

I could run away there is that option but I will not, this Blood Pool is big enough to create at least twenty Adamantine Grimm Monsters from Diamond, so I will not leave until I deal with this pool and these seven blood thralls will be good training partners for me to get used to the environment of this Ruin.

All seven monsters came at me with Roar, within seconds they came to the place I had been and attacked, but they did not find me as I appeared ten meters behind them.

Despite the Gravity, I could move it here effortlessly, the training in the four times Gravity worth, I thought. They soon found me as they had sensed me with the help of the pool as the whole pool is their domain.

Roar Roar Roar…

They came at me with more ferociousness and speed than before, their

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