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Chapter 937 - Might Of Level 1 Rules

I took a step inside the 3rd layer, and that moment, I felt as if I had entered between the two Suns, one is blazing hot while another is searing cold. The power of level 1 Rules are really amazing; the power of Level 2 and Level is nothing compared to it, nothing.

After sensing the might of the Level 1 Rules, I felt like I finally touched the real Rules of the World, the base Rules that our world had made of, the basic foundation on which the World is made of.

All the pressure I am enduring is worth it as this is the time, I am witnessing the majesty Level 1 Rule and finally saw the way. If I did not get a glimpse of the Level 1 Rules, it would have taken me quite a lot of time to search for it blindly.

The pressure on me is so great that I was not even able to move a muscle, even my breathing had stopped, and now I am exerting all my strength just trying to breathe even a little.

I could feel the gaze of Guard on me, and in a minute or two he would come to help me, and I did not want that to happen; as once the guard assisted me, I would not be able to enter the 3rd layer for the day even having an Emerald Pass.

I did not want that to happen, I only have a day here, and I want to spend it in the 3rd Layer comprehending the Level 1 Rule. Every minute counted here, the more time I spent here comprehending the more closer, I would go to the Level 1 Rule.

And who knows, I might even enter a stage of Epiphany like that day and even comprehend the Level 1 Rule instantly, though chances of that happening are practically slim, nothing could be said, the miracles do happen in life.

I continued trying, and finally, I was able to breathe slightly, it is a good thing I did as Guard had appeared next to me, if I had not been able to breathe in the next minute, he would have taken me out.

I am just able to breathe slightly, which is not enough to sustain me here for a long time. If I want to stay here for the day and comprehend the Rule, then I would have had to learn to constantly breathe as only this way I could stay here.

It is very painful to stay under such an environment, not only there is intense pressure from the Rule powers that are tormenting my body and soul invisibly, but I am also feeling the suffocation which had also been just as torturous.

I just wanted to leave right now rather than feel such torture every moment, but I did not, this is a scarce opportunity which will help me immensely, I could not leave just because I am feeling little pain and uncomfortableness.

It had been two hours since I had reached the 3rd Layer, and I am still on the same spot I had been two hours ago, concentrating on the breathing.

In my whole life, I had never been short on the breath as I had been for the two hours, here I am fighting for breath every moment, and only for the past ten minutes I have been having a slightly easier time.

Just slightly better t

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