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Chapter 932 - Fighting Adamantine II

"Bastard, I've been playing with you till now, but now I will kill you." It thundered from the distance, and the next moment it appeared in front of me and swung its sword, its movements were so fast that normal Peak Diamond would die before knowing how.


Its sword slashed at me but it cut through nothing but my after image as I had disappeared right before it attacked, It did not take even a moment to find me, and it appeared beside me and attacked again. This time, too I had disappeared before its attack could cut through me.

I may not have any other guarantees, but I sure have a guarantee in running away from this One Star Adamantine Elite, when I had refined Stage 4 energy of Featherlight through the 4th floor of the tower, and felt the power of the refinement energy.

That moment I knew that my featherlight Energy would be powerful enough that it would give me a surviving chance against the Initial Admantines, and now I am surviving against the Adamantine.

It kept increasing its speed, but I too kept taking my speed to a new height that even with the killing Rule, I started to feel blur when I moved that fast, though now I feel fine as I got quite apt at running away.

While the Foxman Adamantine and I are playing the game of the Cat and Mouse, the other battle across the battlefield is raging in full force. Everybody is fighting with them all as only with that they will have a chance to survive.

From the Silver Elites to Admantines, everyone is giving their all except for one battle, which is the most terrifying; those two people are still holding back their power.

They are still fighting with their method power and have not started to use their real powers, but despite that their battle is most terrifying, even to the extent that normal Peak Adamantine tried to get close to it, it will instantly be killed.

It is a good thing they are fighting quite far, as nobody wants to be collateral damage in other battles, it is like dying without honor, at such death people will laugh at you instead of talking about you in respect.

Many people are fighting, but there are very very few that are running for their life like me who are running away from two things, now the Adamantine Foxman is chasing me, but also its wind blade, both of them are chasing me like I am their mortal enemy.


I kept running and running and, like usual, once against the Grimm Monster appeared in front of me and just as it saw a huge cloud of Dark Black sand coming at it.

It instantly stopped its attack, which had become a sort of habit in the past hour and disappeared, but that Black Sand Cloud was too fast, it had already touched it before it could disappear from its spot.


The foxman screamed out loudly in a very high pitched voice that was heard across the everyone in the battlefield. This is my first time attacking with Domain of Withering S

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