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Chapter 920 - Emerald Pass

As I entered the 9th layer, the power of Rules had increased again. The aura of it had not only got stronger, but the power of the Rule had increased from Initial Level 2 Rule Mid Level 2 Rule instantly.


I was just as experiencing the rule powers when my holowatch buzzed with the mail, which is quite surprising as in layer unless it is an extremely important message from the Guild, no other mails would come.

Feeling this may be important, I opened the mail, and when I read the content of it, I could not help but shake all over my body. First, there was confusion before I started to feel extremely happy.

'Ashlyn came out.'

I said to Ashlyn, she had wanted to come out for a long time, but the rules state that monsters could not come inside, which is why I hadn't called her, now reading this confusing man, I have no reservation about calling her out.

"Monsters are forbidden here, for breaking the Ru"

Just as I took out Ashlyn, two powerful auras had downed on me and guard stated recite the law when I somehow moved under this overwhelming aura of the Guards, which scared the hell out of me and projected the thing that came out with the mail.

As I showed the projection to the Guards, they stopped on their tracks as they looked at the projection, one guard who was reciting the law stopped and started to read the content with shocked faces.

"Emerald Pass." both of the Guards said in unison, the shock and awe could be clearly heard through their voice, "Is this a mistake?" One Guard asked another, "I don't think so, it is Emerald Pass they can't make a mistake with it." said another as he looked at me intently.

His gaze is very clear, 'how can I get an emerald pass with such little strength.' Today is the first time hearing about the emerald pass.

When the mail of unknown origin came, it contained this pass which not only allowed me to meditate in any of nine but also gave me access to enter the building, with this I could even enter the very room of the two people who had awakened their constitution and transformed this building treasure.

It really shocked me and confused me about this pass, there were only two people who could do this, one is Ellen, and the other is Rachel.

But I don't think Ellen would have done this, as even if she becomes the Guildmaster of the S Class Guild, I don't even Guildmaster of S Class Guild could get this kind of privilege, only someone like her teacher could do this like sending Emerald Pass to whoever she liked.

Ellen knows I may take favors from her but not from her teacher, so she should not give me this pass, as for Rachel I don't think it is her too if she could give this pass, she could have contacted me, not call at least sent me a mail but ever since she left there was nothing from her.

Except for these two, I don't think anyone I know can grant me this kind of access; even twins who left for the centr

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