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Chapter 938 - It's what friends should do

A month passed by; I feel like it was just yesterday when I saw the Guilds mail and cursed them from my heart, making me join another team like a regular member.

The one month was quite eventful; there was a mission after mission with barely any break, not only for our team but other teams too. The Trojan Ruin in the opening and everybody wanted to fight it all out before they went on the break.

There are only Three Days remaining in the opening of the Trojan Ruin, and all the missions have been suspended for the past two days.

An informal truce had called out as both of the parties sending their members to the Trojan Ruin in overwhelming numbers, but that does not mean we did not have the backup.

Humans have a backup in the store that even if Grimm Monsters attacked in the Overwhelming numbers or even started a war, we will be able to deal with it, and like us, Grimm Monsters are likely to have a backup too.

Most of the time, such Ruins opened, which is important to both parties; they refrain from launching such a big attack, but sometimes the attack does come, and since there is a shadow of War looming around, there is highly likely the attack would come.

Well, I will fight if they attack the city, the next one and a half month I have nothing to do other than train and watch the 'League of Legends' that is about to commence in my homeland in a week since I am not going into the Ruin.

Since I was a child, I wanted to participate in the 'League Of Legend,' but now I can't, and it is not only because of the Criminal Tag I had, which forbade me to move but also because of the rules of the Competition.

The rules state that those above the Golden Elite can not participate in the competition; this is such a weird Rule but perfectly suited for a place like my native country.

On the other hand, the Continental Championship that will happen in the two months did not have such Rule; If I can get rid of the Criminal Tag and reach Adamantine, I will surely participate in it.

Many of my friends were doing that, Ellen, Jill, Rhea, and others; they all have reached the Adamantine.

Ellen said that this time 'Continental Championship' is going to be extremely important as it has a relation with the event that is going to happen on the Central Continent two years later.

Well, it's nothing to do with me, it's not as some Miracle happened and I will get relieved of my criminal tag. The people who had cast a tag on me belong to one of the most powerful organizations, only the people from a similar level of Organisation could do something like that.

I could lower my pride and could ask help from Ellen's teacher, but I would not do that; if I do that, then I would never be able to practice in peace.

Tring Tring Tring…

I was about to start practicing when suddenly my holowatch started to buzz. It was Ellen who called, seeing that I accepted the cal

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