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Chapter 909 - Help


It took us little more than one and half a day, but we finally landed on the small airport behind the Guild.


Clara and I opened the Cell together in the company of the Platinum, as we opened it we found the traitor is in the same place as we have left him, he is still very much unconscious.

We picked up the traitor and brought it out where there were already two Vice Guildmasters Waiting, and one of them is Reya.

Through the secret transmission, we have already informed the Guild about the traitor, so it is no surprise they have been waiting outside to get the traitor.

Both of them looked at the Traitor as we brought it, but when suddenly both of the Guildmasters looked at me in unison, one had a slight surprise in his eyes while others had an utter shock.

"You became Diamond!" Vice Guildmaster Reya said in shock as she looked at me, in these seven months I've come in contact with her many times, and so she knew before going for this mission I am a Golden Excelsior, and now I am a Diamond.

"Yes," I replied, seeing little unnatural behavior of his colleague, the other Vice Guildmaster also tapped a few buttons on his Holowatch, and soon the frown on his face also transformed into that of shock as he looked at me.

"Vice Guildmastors, this is a traitor that betrayed the race, we hand them over to you." Clara's voice broke the silence, "You did a good job capturing it alive; these bastards eat poison as soon as they got caught."

"I am not the one that caught him, Micheal did," Clara said truthfully, a look of surprise flashed across their eyes and it became even greater when they touched the traitor, likely seeing the internal bindings.

"You guys make your report, remember not to leave any details about the traitor." Said Reya, we both nodded and walked toward administrating office with a few hundred more people.

This time report season lasted for seven hours and was very grueling, I was asked about every small detail about the mission tens of times, those bastards even tried to ask me how I break two limits together.

I wanted to curse them loudly, but I kept quiet as it would land me in even more trouble than I am, so I just kept mum whenever these questions about my secrets were asked.

They did not delve into these matters further seeing me mum to them as these are my personal secrets, and they have no right to ask about it.

By the time I was done with the meeting, I was quite drained and just wanted to go home, but unfortunately, I could not. I have to go to the Black Market to buy the materials for my new Phantom Method.

"Micheal!" I heard just as I was about to step into the Howarcar; I looked back only to Clara coming toward me, clearly seeming a little confused about me using the hover car.

"Clara, do you need something?" I asked, to which she shook her head, "It's nothing, I just wanted to invite you for breakfast to thank

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