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Chapter 900 - Diamond I

It is a very important time; how far I could go will depend on what I will do in the next few minutes.


A huge bang resounds through my very being; it is like some should not be broken, had been broken, and just as it has broken, my body created the vacuum, and energies present in the surrounding started to seep inside me as my body faintly started to shine in Platinum.

This is my first time experiencing something like this. When breaking through the stage or level there was never a phenomenon, but this time is and not forget the energy of surrounding seeping inside, this is the first time something like this had happened as during breakthrough one have to provide the energy for oneself.

It may seem like minutes had passed, but not even a second had passed since I created 100th Seal, and I broke through the limit.

The traitor who had appeared behind me and about to attack me stopped on its track, so are humans and Grimm Monsters fighting below.

"You bec" The traitor opened its mouth to say something but stopped on its track as it saw my sword coming at it, the speed of sword increasing at an astonishing rate and so its red layer of the edges.

I can finally use my real fire ability, due to me feeding numerous potions to ashlyn, the power of my fire had grown tremendously in this past seven months, but due to natural limit, I could not access it, but now I could fully access my fire ability and also use as much as energy I could.

The speed of my sword kept increasing as it reached closer and closer to the traitor, and when it reached close to it, it had become completely invisible as he could follow the speed, could only see streaking after images it saw.

This is probably why it thought my sword was moving toward its sword to counter it; unfortunately, I changed the route to my sword just when it was about to clash against it and moved it toward its neck.


By the time it realized my sword already touched the icy blue armor of it and passed through it without any resistance, a look of extreme horror appeared on its face and it started to open its mouth to say something, but before it could completely open its mouth, it heard something banging across it.


As the back of my sword hit it, it flew away and crashed across the forcefield before fainting. I wanted to kill him so badly, but it is not a wise choice as the Guild prefers if we can have them alive.

I don't give damn about the Guild, but the traitors do have lots of information, and it will save lives of many humans would be saved if we can get that decision, this is why at last moment, I flick the sword and hit its head with controlled power instead of using the edge to cut through its neck.

'No Time!'

I muttered and took a look at the battlefield where there are still about ten thousand Grimm Monsters fighting. I have to kill them so they would disturb me when the nex

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