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Chapter 895 - Asterisk

"We have reached our destination, be ready to jump down in five minutes." Mission Leader Clara's voice rang out.


I diffused the elaborate firework of the forest where the monsters were playing around and got out of my pod. As I did that, I pressed the fist-size badge on my chest, and the next moment, a chameleon suit appeared over my body.

This suit is given to me by the Guild for this special mission; it is crafted especially for the desert environment we are going to attack. This Chameleon Suit is very good, way better than the Chameleon Suit I used to have before.

As a suit appeared over my body, Ashlyn flew to my shoulder, and I walked toward the entrance. All seats have disappeared, so it is floor dividing them, now everyone is standing in the neat like ready to jump down.

Yes, for this mission, we are going to jump down from the high, not every mission required for us to go to the Hidden Camps before teleporting to the location that is near the Mission Point.

It all depends upon the level of participants, the Geography, the density of Grimm Monsters, and our target.

Our mission is to exterminate the Garrison, which is an asterisk type of the Garrison, which means monsters there are of different tribes, and there we will likely to face 150 to 200 thousand Grimm Monsters.

From the point of the jump, it is 250 Kilometers away, which is not far us as all of us here are at least the Peak Golden Elite, which could easily cover the distance in a few hours.


"Its Time." Clara's voice rang out, and that exact moment, the temperature inside the ship started to rise at the visible rate, but at the next moment, it plummeted rapidly as the door or airship opened and a gust of the very very Cold winds started to come inside.

These winds are very cold and even with sh.i.p.s thermal protection, they can make Golden Elites shudder in the cold and this is the starting, the real challenge starts when one jumps down.

This is why the minimum requirement of a jump down mission is Peak Golden Elite as others won't be able to handle the cold and ship can't fly low; it had to be flown at this altitude or above to be not detected by the sensors of the Grimm Monster.

Clara went down first after her Platinum Elites started to jump down one after another before they jumped in and now it is my time, I too walked toward the door of the Airship before jumping after a second of hesitation.

Cold, freaking Cold!

These were my first thoughts as I jumped down, I have an insulating effect of the suit I am wearing, and I am also covering my body with Sunfire, but despite that, I am feeling cold.

The ship was too high, at such an altitude, the temperature is very low, a normal low-level Golden Elite would just freeze to death in just a second after coming in contact with such cold.

Even though I am feeling cold, I did not forget what I had to do as I jumped

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