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Chapter 903 - Strange Reality

3rd Star Of Diamond!

To be honest, I am a little surprised to get this far as I thought it would mostly reach the 2nd Star at most, but my methods and preparations worked better than I had expected, well it's good they did, with this power the chances of my surviving had increased quite by far.

I opened my eyes and found all people in the same potion I saw before closing my eyes, the only difference is that they all are wearing masks and holding various devices towards me, seeing that small smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Thank you for protecting me when I am advancing," I said with genuine expressions before summoning fire over me to burn off all the filthy sweat and smell I have over me, I would have liked to take a bath, but there is a huge battle going outside, so I don't have the luxury to do that.

I was about to go out when my gaze fell on Traitor; I immediately appeared beside him and placed my hand on my chest. This time I released my energies and created bindings only just on his heart but all over its body.

I also did some tinkering, so he remains unconscious for quite a while. Some traitors commit suicide just as they caught; I don't want something like that to happen, at least not on my watch.

After I have done with it, I take out all of his hidden and Visible storages; since these storages are from a traitor, I will have to submit them for the inspection, but I will still inspect it and take anything I like.

"Don't come out, there is a big battle going on outside," I said to the people before I place the drill on the forcefield, with my current power I could forcefully break through the forcefield, but it will take time and create the commotion which I do not want.

So, I just simply placed the drill on the forcefield and walked outside when the big gap opened through it. When I walked out, there was a stark different scene going on outside.

Unlike earlier, all the Platinum Elites have come outside, not only platinum but also Diamonds, I could clearly see the Bloodied figure of Mission Leader Clara. She is barely holding her off against the attack of Seven Diamond Grimm Monsters of the different tribes.

The Human Platinum Elites are not faring much better either; they are also completely bloodied fighting against these Top Platinums, if not for Ashlyn providing them support, they all would have lost their lives.

These Platinum Elites are not normal; they are more powerful than normal Elites; if they have been normal elites, it would not be a human side that would be losing.

Except for Ashlyn, nobody noticed me, Ashlyn wanted to come at me, but with Eleven Platinum Elites chasing her and she barely has time to even look at me.

Seeing the condition of the battle, I immediately took my sword, but it was not a red sword or my totem artifact. The Red sword could not be used; its level has become too low to compete against Platin

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