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Chapter 906 - Battle Ends

I had thought that Clara's condition would improve after I took the Three Grimm Monsters but it did not seem to be the case after three Grimm Monsters had come to attack me, the other four had upped their offensive toward Clara, making her condition little worse than before.

As I finished killing three Grimm Monsters I sped toward Clara, as for the Platinum they all were killed. After I finished half of the Platinums alone, Ashlyn finished off the rest with the help of humans.

She is currently in the Sphear where I had been, keeping an eye on traitor. I have secured it as much as I can but nothing could be said about these traitors, so be extra careful I had asked Ashlyn to keep an eye on that traitorous bastard.

If not for that I would have let her come inside me, so I could level up. With the seals imprinted on her and other enhancements from the level up, she would definitely become Diamond-like me.


My sword clashed against the sword of Grimm Monsters, effectively stopping the attack that was aiming at Clara, all of them shocked seeing my appearance as they did not sensed it at all.

There are four Grimm Monsters that are fighting Clara, in the four Grimm Monsters two are at the 2nd Star of Diamond while the other two are at the 3rd Star of the Diamond and the attack I just stopped is from the 3rd Star Diamond Red Lizardman.

The battle came standstill by my entrance, all four Grimm Monsters looked at me intently. They did not have to ask about their friends as with me being here there is no need to guess what happened to their friends.

They are looking at me like they want to gauge my strength as the attack of 3rd Star Diamond I had stopped is not a normal attack but one that was powered with Two Mystic Methods and I had stopped it without many shakes.

Well, it was not using my sword, I would have shot back with broken bones and puking blood but with my sword, there is no chance, not only it gives me advancement of the two levels but also stops most of the forces that came toward me.

"Let's finish these bastards up, we have been in this God-forsaken desert for too long.:" I said, to be honest, we were not in this place for too long but I wanted to say something catchy to start the battle again and those words felt best.

"You bastard, do you think we are that easy to kill." The Red Lizardman thundered as he heard my words and attacked and from behind him, another 3rd Star Diamond Bearman came with the ax.

Looks like they have considered me the bigger threat than Clara as two 3rd Star Diamond attacked me simultaneously.

Clang Clang Clang...

Seeing Grimm Monster coming at me, a smile appeared on my face as I started to reply to their attacks but my movements seem so casual that I feel like I am playing against a Novice.

There is no tension on my face and just a casual smile and to be honest, I am not feeling much stress-fighting them.

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