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Chapter 898 - Building Momentum

It only took a moment for his 'Phantom Method' to activate, and when it activated, just one look of it had completely blown my mind.

It is the Armor Type Phantom Mystic Method; it had completely covered his body and looked like it was made of Ice Elemental Metal, the one thing of this Armor that most impressed me is its helmet, it is in world's Image which gave the whole Armor an otherworldly feel.

As I am observing the Armor, I am flashing back repeatedly. At the same time cursing about having such bad luck.

If it had used any other conventional type method, it would have been fine, even the Speed type Method would have been fine, but this traitorous Bastard has to have the Phantom Type method.

It makes things very difficult for me, the Phantom Type Methods really gives a lot of benefits to the user that are greater than all the basic methods, if it weren't for that then I wouldn't be scared shitless.

"I'll ask you again to join the Glorious Grimm Race, and your life will be spared; if you are still adamant on declining, then I could only kill you to cleanse your soul and let you be reborn into the Glorious Grimm Race." He sprouted bullshit again in the same priestly voice.

"Shut up Baldy," I said, I've had enough of this traitor's bullshit; if it had not been strong I would have decapitated him to stop blubbering nonsense.

Asking me to betray 'The Human Race' is mad or really lost its mind in the brainwashing of the Grimm Monsters.

I will never betray The Human Race, no matter how much I am oppressed by them. I had rather worked hard to become strong to clean some spoilt root rather than betray the whole race.

"You have been corrupted by the sins of human Ancestors too deeply, very well I shall kill you to cleans all of the corruption you have suffered and let you be reborn into the Glorious Grimm Race," he sprouted bullshit again and disappeared from its spot.

Next moment, I felt an icy feeling only to see him appear in front of me and its icy blue sword coming at me, cleave me.

Zup Zup Zup

Seeing that even my mad self felt extremely scared and used feather-light energy to move away to my horror, it followed after me and its Icy sword still came after me.


Seeing that I grit my teeth and used the option that I had not wanted to use, I used more featherlight energy that my body could handle and flashed away from the traitor's blade, which is just palm distance from my neck.

But next moment, I found him appearing behind me and again swung its sword, and I again used more energy than I could handle to dodge its attack.

As the energy of Featherlight got refined, it got more powerful but my body remained the same despite it getting more refined.

So, I had to use a limited amount of featherlight energy; if I used more, then it would damage my body.

Now every use of the extra energy is damaging my body, and if I continue

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