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Chapter 901 - Diamond II

As the potion entered inside me, my body which had nearly stopped sucking the mana from the surrounding now started sucking even more, and in a few seconds, it had reached its former speed before going above it.

A few seconds later, there was so much energy started to come inside me that I began to feel pain in my body and soul, seeing that small smile couldn't help but form in my body.

When Ellen provided with me information about the natural way of breaking the limit, she would have never thought I would have tried something like this if she had known, she would not have provided me with this specific information.

In the powerful Organizations in the Central Continent, it is encouraged to break the limit naturally as benefits of breaking the limit through the natural methods are far greater than the breaking the limit though the Limit Breaking Method, which used natural energy.

In these powerful organizations when one is near breaking the Limit in a natural manner, they will be placed in special formation, that formation will do the same thing that potion is doing right now, and like formation, one could only use the potion when one had active momentum.

If one wants to drink this potion to create a momentum, then that idiot is asking for death as this potion will turn into poison and kill him before he even has a chance to regret it.

When I read about that secret information and its ability to help the body suck energy continuously, I found I have such potion in the knowledge I had received which do a similar thing, the only difference is that formation is man's control, he can decide at which speed he had sucked the energy.

But it is not the same with the potion, here potion will be kept sucking energy till it completely wears down its power and this sucking speed will continue to rise till it loses all its power.

It's a good thing in the description of the potion there was a magic vein route, as long as I circulate the energy according to the route, I will not only quickly direct all the energy but also can use it to build the momentum for the Diamond.

For this reason, I had practiced the control so tirelessly, now will be a test of all my control; if I can control this torrent till it wears, then I will pass; if not, then I will explode due to excessive energy and fail, it's simple as that.

As my body started to ache due to excessive energy, I gathered into the single point and began to circulate through a route provided in potion description, as I did I began to feel my strength is rising at an even greater speed than before.

As more and more energy started to come inside my body, I started to direct it all toward a single point before circulating, doing that the pain I was feeling also disappeared and my strength started to rise rapidly.

First, there was no problem with my control; I was able to control the whole energy properly and circulated throug

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