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Chapter 893 - Peak Platinum Elite


I finally took a sigh of relief as the potion had finished concentrating, it took three hour to craft, and these three hours had been grueling as this potion is not easy to make.

I laid on the floor tiredly as I let the potion cool down, and before I knew it, I fell asleep on the floor. Since the morning, I have been doing something and something, I've even practiced Body Cleansing Technique despite me reaching the limit as it keeps my body flexible and fit.

When I woke up, it was already evening. The first thing I did is to check my holowatch as I have a mission in a few hours. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and shower and started to cook right after.

An hour later, I laid a simple dinner on the table, and we both started to eat in the silence. As I finished, I cleaned and washed the dishes before I went to my room to change.

Ten minutes later, Ashlyn and I walked toward the Guild, I had already received mission details and difficulty of it enormous, but this is kind of Missions that Elite++ teams do.

We people from the Excelsior Division do not have our own teams, we are just people who will join any team that needs our help, and today I am joining Team 22 an Elite++ team, which I had worked before many times.

Yes, Elite++ team, which led by the Diamond Elite, are very very powerful teams, the real core of the Warzone.

Each of them packed power to destroy the cities easily; they will not even need the whole team, the leader is alone enough to raze the whole city in a few minutes.

Ive seen the power of the Diamond Elites, they are f.u.c.k.i.n.g monsters. The power they have is simply terrifying that whenever Diamond fights, even platinum stays away from as much as they can.

Soon I reached the Guild and walked into the Wing where Elite++ teams' offices are, as I walked into the wing.

I got many looks from the people there; I am very famous in Guild, especially within Elite+ and Elite++ teams, but fame is not earned by but the one on my shoulder.

I could hear their whispers when they looked at Ashlyn, they have given her many names Bird Of Slaughter, Grimm Burner, Silver Massacre, and my personal favorite chub smasher. I don't know who gave her that name as she has ever done anything that earns her the name 'Chub Smasher' except for being a little chubby.

Knock Knock

Soon I reached the office of Elite++ team 22 and knocked, "Came in, a voice resounded from within, hearing that I opened the door and walked into a luxurious conference which is even more elegant than the hallway.

I entered the room; I was blasted with powerful auras, in front of me, there are twenty-six people. In all the twenty-six people, not one is Golden Elite, twenty-five present here are Platinum Elites, and Leader is Diamond.

All of them looked at me with various gazes with various emotions flickering through them, but 80% of pe

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