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Chapter 907 - Special Cell

"You have given a nice surprise from Golden Elite Excelsior to Mid Diamond, even in my Organisation Back home, this is quite a shocking thing," Clara said as she flew toward me after she killed the last Diamond.

A clear hit of appreciation could be seen in her eyes with a hint of shock, which is still lingering deep inside.

I took her praise with a smile, saying anything would be just humblebrag, "How are your injuries?" I asked as I changed the subject. Her injuries are healing her injuries at a visible rate as she had drunk a couple of bottle potions a few moments ago.

"They are healing, but to fully heal I will need two hours." She replied as we started to flow down. "We have a traitor among us," I informed her. She did not sound surprised by that, "I figured after coming across the attack of so many Platinum and Diamonds," she said with a sigh as tuned toward me.

"Who is it?" She asked, "Dene." I replied directly, "What!" she exclaimed in shock as if she could not believe it. If I had been in her face, I would too not have believed it; finding my own teammates traitor is a very difficult thing to accept, especially when you are a team leader.

I did not say anything; I just took her to the Sphere where the traitor is, when I reached there, I saw the baldy, which is still unconsciously being guarded by Ashlyn and several Platinum Elite very tightly.

"Team Leader." Said Platinums seeing Clara coming inside the Sphere, she just nodded at them before she walked toward the place where the traitor is lying in a pool of blood.

He may look wretched with all the blood all over his body but he is quite fine; the little injuries he had suffered during the attack are already half-healed; the rest will heal on their own in a few hours.

"Your bindings are good," said Clara as she touched and sensed the internal binding I had placed inside of its body, even a Diamond powerhouse like Clara would need at least a day to remove all of them safely.

She had sensed the bindings for a few minutes before she started to take out physical binding from her storage.

"These internal bindings are very good, but one has to take the extra measures against the tractors, these people are very wily capable of escaping from the most controlled situations." she said as she started to bind him physically.

Soon she finished binding traitor carefully, now except for some part of his head, everything has wholly disappeared in cocoon-like bindings.

"The Airship will pick us up in two hours, clean everything by then." Clara said. Everyone started to collect, unlike them, I did not have to spend much effort as the storage of the Grimm Monsters has already been collected for me by these Golden Elites.

I am very grateful for that, collecting from the burned bodies of the Grimm Monsters would be a very tiring and dirty job which I would have done grudgingly if not for these nice people who hav

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