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Chapter 911 - Wolf Lords Armor I

Last night I did not continue to practice, after refining featherlight energy, I showered and slept.

The next morning I woke up early and quickly finished my morning routine before I walked into the Training Hall and Started to take out things for my method practice.

Yesterday I had finished with the Featherlight Method; now, I am going to practice Domain of Withering Sand and three levels of it one by one.

Currently, I am practicing its 3rd Level, which is useless to me, but the next three-levels will be very useful, especially 6th, which is for the Diamonds.

So, I did not waste any time and started; the process is similar to the Featherlight Method except for completely different materials and runic Array. Even compared to the previous three levels of Domain of Withering Sand, these three levels are different.

This is the Nine Level Method and 1st Three levels of it are just the base for the other six levels; it could be said that from the 4th Level power of the Domain Of Withering Sand would become equal to the Featherlight.


The process started, and materials began to meld into each other before they started climbing on my chest and started to fill the Runic Flower on my chest, which is not lily.

Half an hour later, I finished practicing the 4th Level of the Domain Of Withering Sand, and now there is runic flower floating in my space, and it is not lily, it is Rose, A five-petal Rose to be exact.

The 4th Method of Domain Of Withering Sand had let go of many of the restrictions that other methods had, especially energy restriction. Now from the 4th level, I could use as much energy as I want; there is no restriction on the amount of energy I can use.

Before I had to use one petal worth of energy, whether I needed or not, If I needed more than 2 petals worth of energy, I had to use three petals worth of energy, I couldn't use half petal worth of energy or one and a half petal worth of energy, but now there is no restriction, I could use just sliver of it or just whole rose worth of it, there is no limit.

After checking the Runic Rose for a while I opened my eyes and brought out new things from my storage, for the 5th level and started to practice it right away without wasting any time.

Two hours later, there are seven petals Rose floating in my space and releasing quite oppressive energy; the runic rose looks both beautiful and oppressive at the same time, which makes it even more attractive.

I opened my eyes and looked above, thinking whether I practice the 6th Level of it or not, it is stated that it is for the Diamond-like 5th Level up high level only high-level Diamond could practice it.

Despite the warning, I decided to practice it as when I first got this method; it had said that only high-level silver practice, but I still practiced it when I was middle Silver level, so I would be fine as long as I am a little cautious.

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