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Chapter 894 - Control

"Let's Go,"

Clara said as the battle plan had been crafted, and now we just have to go and execute it.

This battle is going to be difficult as the Garrison of the Grimm Monster is Asterix Type, which means we are looking to deal with one hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand Grimm Monsters from the Eight Different tribes.

Till now, I had only gone to one Asterix type Mission and that I was the most dangerous mission I've ever faced. There was an unlimited stream of the Grimm Monsters; whenever we looked, we found Grimm Monsters.

The Sphere I was attacking was connected with the central Sphere, which had made the battle even more difficult for us, if not for the timely help we have received from others, I would have really would have died.

Soon we reached the underground hangar of the Guild, where we saw eleven hundred Golden Elites were already standing in front of the ship.

This is my first time seeing so many people for a single mission, the biggest mission I had participated in had nine hundred people.

As I walked behind the Diamond and Platinum, I attracted a lot of curious and knowing gazes, most of the people have heard about me or at least heard about the bird on my shoulder.

In the past six months, Ashlyn's fame had spread in Far and wide, not only people from my guild but people from other Guilds also knew about her. Having already got used to these gazes, I walked toward Airship and entered inside after Team 22.

The internal structure of this ship is a little different; there are not only pods but also the seats. To have pods for more than a thousand people, the ship has to be four-time bigger than it already is.

The seats are arranged on the three floors, which makes it a little congested but that problem is not for me as I am one of the few people who got the pod, so my journey will be more comfortable than these people.

I walked into the pod I had been assigned and laid comfortably in it, according to what I have heard we will reach our destination one and half-day later, so till then I could relax or maybe not as I am still training.

Just a few hours months ago, I was successfully able to train myself in practicing the Supreme Combat Exercise every waking moment, except for sleeping; I practice Supreme Combat Exercise every waking moment.

It is quite difficult for me to do that as one needs very concentrated to circulate the mana through the nodes but that is not the main problem, the main problem is resistance and pain one feels.

Currently, I am circulating to the 92nd seal of the Supreme Combat Technique, which is very hard to circulate and give torturous pain, but I am not showing anything and behaving normally as usual.

It took me months to learn that, but it was worth all the hardship I took to do that as I was able to create thirty seals in Seven months. It may sound difficult at all, but it is.

In the Supre

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