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Chapter 914 - Team 29

In the Midzone, I once was lucky enough to obtain the Trojan Ruin Map from the Grimm Monster; it is a map of one of the seven Regions of the Trojan Ruin.

Though the map is for Golden Elite and there would not be much useful Platinum and Diamond, It is still a map from Grimm Monster. The Trojan Ruin is not fully explored yet, so every map mattered, especially when it is from the enemy.

But what's the use? It's not like I could go, I'll just have to give this map to my friends; it might turn out to be very useful to them.

To be honest, I was very much looking forward to this ruin, this is a very dangerous ruin but also very fruitful. Those who were able to return from it came back with big improvements, and those who were lucky came with huge improvements, they advanced beyond their imagination.

Especially those who are close to breaking their Limit, the concentration of the Limit energy is nearly ten times greater than the continent there. In some special places, the concentration of this energy is even much much higher.

I could see people excitedly talking about it as they looked at projections that are placed everywhere in the city. Many people had been waiting for this Ruin for quite a time, they are having quite a problem controlling their excitement.

I also opened the page of the Guild and tapped on apply; I know I will not be selected like last time, but I still apply for it. There is nothing to lose, and sometimes unexpected things happen.

I slowly walked toward the Guild, listening to conversations on the street, most of these conversations are aligning toward the Trojan Ruin and what they know about it, they all are quite excited, and I am happy for them, I would be even happier if I could share their excitement about this news.

Soon I reached the guild and was about to enter inside when I felt someone's gaze on me. When I looked toward that direction, I found Vice Guildmaster Reya who was looking at me apologetically with a tiny amount of pity.

Feeling her gaze, I gave her a soft smile before entering the guild. I why she felt like apologizing, but she did not need to. What I am facing is beyond her level; the people on the top are very powerful; even her organization pale in front of them much less she.

Soon I entered the hallway of the Diamond Teams and found the door I am looking for, Team 29, which ranked 13 on the board, which is a very good rank as the higher rank means the higher power.

In the past seven months, I've never worked with this team, but I heard quite many things about it, so if this team just as it says it is, then we will not have any problem in getting along.

"Knock Knock!"

I knocked on the door, and the next moment I heard, "Come in.". As I heard that, I opened the door and walked in and felt very powerful auras surrounding me, but the only one felt threatening to me and that of the young man with bright red hair sitting on

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