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Chapter 905 - Fighting Diamonds II

I passed through their attacks as I normally do and they alike always released another barrage of attack while Snakemen came at me with its poisonous blade, this nothing new as it had been happening for the past ten minutes.

Sup Sup Sup...

I released my knives toward the method attacks of two Grimm Monsters and looked at snakeman that approached me speedily with its speed method, seeing it coming at me, I couldn't help but smile.

Sup Sup

Soon it approached me, and this time, I should have used my sword to attack me, but I did no such thing, I took out two knives from my storage and threw them at the Snakeman.

These knives are different from the other knives I've used; these knives are coated with my Sunfire rule and fire ability.

In the past seven months, both of them have gotten stronger, due to my insufficient strength, I was unable to access their power, but now there is no power in my body that I can't access.

With the boost of my Sunfire and Fire Ability, the speed of my knives increased three times.

Puch! Puch!

The Grimm Monster got alarmed, seeing it and diverted the sword which was coming toward me to defend, but unfortunately, the distance between us was too close and speed of knives too fast that before its sword could reach the knives, the knives reached its pierced through both of its eyes.

It barely opened its mouth to scream when it became completely stilled and started to fall from the sky.

Seeing it, the Bullman and Werewolf got quite shocked; they thought even if they could not kill this human, he could not kill them as he did not have any method power, but seeing how their friend is killed, they are utterly wrong the human could still kill them.

"You F.u.c.k.i.n.g Human!"

The two Grimm Monster seemed to have lost seeing their friend killed and started to throw an attack at me indiscriminately; I think they are doing that because they don't know how to defeat me, all the other ways they have tried result in failure and their friend even got killed.

So they are doing the easiest thing they could do, bombard me with their attacks, but how can these attacks touch me? They may be powerful, but my knives are easily able to deal with them.

The bombardment of the attacks had lasted for a few minutes before it had suddenly stopped, both of the Grimm Monsters looked at me as I had effectively dealt with all their attacks without moving an inch from my spot.

"Gssbsk ungd snsg…"

They looked at me before Werewolf said something to the Bullman beside it in the Grimm Language, which I was not able to understand before both of them came at me and with speed faster than ever before.

'Looks like they have decided to attack from close.' I thought their choice was not surprising as I could easily deal with the long-range attacks with my knives; if they wanted to kill me, then they would have had to come closer to me.

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