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Chapter 908 - Phantom Method

I was able to consecutively make two breakthroughs, reaching directly to the Peak of the Brigadier Stage.

Nero had acc.u.mulated enough energy to level up completely six months ago, but he could not level up due to the limit. When I broke the limit and became Diamond, the energy that Nero had become trickle compared to what I needed to make a breakthrough in Diamond.

But when I went through four major cleansings at the same time and ate the core to get more benefits, Nero also got some benefits from that too. He was quickly able to guzzle up the energy we needed for the level up.

The two consecutive levels gave me quite a boost; I went from Early 3 Star Diamond to Peak 3 Star Diamond, now I just needed a little more strength, and I will be able to become 4 Star Diamond.

After the breakthrough, I rested a little to calm my nerves before I sent my consciousness to my storage ring, which is now utterly different from what it was seven months ago.

The whole 10 KM square space is filled with racks, and these racks are full of stuff very neatly if it were a supermarket one would easily find anything needed without getting lost in such big space.

Three months ago, I did the big overhaul of this place like that when I filled the storage full. That time, I also realized that my system is not as neat as I thought and many things were displaced

So, I brought some organizing books, read them before I started arranging stuff in the Organised manner, and to free up some space, I started storing stuff in storage pouches.

I had started with low-level stuff before I came to Silver Elite, so now whatever stuff I see in ten kilometers distance, all the stuff is useful for the Golden Elite above, as for other low-level stuff, it is packed in storage pouches neatly placed on racks of their category.

I felt quite joyful when I saw all the stuff, I many times wanted to sell all as most of them are useless, but I always stopped for some and some reason, as the time passed more and more things kept piling up, they became this.

There are many amazing things in my storage ring, but the most amazing thing is the Big Pyramid. It is big and completely made of Mana Crystals. All my mana crystals have been needed to build this Pyramid.

After looking at the Pyramid for a while, I moved my senses to the pile of storages. The pile is quite big as it has thousands and thousands of storage, nearly ten thousand, and opening them all would be very exciting, and I will need to put up a lot of stuff in pouches, which will be a tiring, but exciting job.

I looked at the pile and started to think about which storage I should open first when my gaze fell on one particular storage.

It is the storage of the traitor, which I will have to submit to the Guild, but before that, I have to see if I could find something useful inside it.


I released all things out, and just as I did tha

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