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Chapter 971 - Level 10 Sin Constitution

After 82nd Floor, I keep coming across the humans and Grimm Monsters every floor. I would kill any Grimm Monster than I come across and add the things I found in the storage into my Constitution Storage.

As such, I continued crossing the level until I reached the 99th Level; at the 100th level, I would receive a reward. Even though the Reward would be Golden Elite Stage and would not be much useful for me, I couldn't help but feel excited.

Taking a deep breath, I walked into the exit of the 99th floor and found myself in a small room. It also had the formation carved on it but only on the floor.

As I appeared in the small stool, I found there is a small stool in front of me, and on that stool is copper Axe about 1.2 meters long. The Axe looked amazing, and when I picked it up in my hand, I found it's weight also amazing.

As I added my mana into it, it's a coppery blade gleamed faintly with light. It is an amazing weapon, far better than the normal Totem Artifact, any Golden Elite who uses Axe would be thrilled to have it.

And as like the weapons that Tower gift, this Axe also has a merging seed, which means it could merge with Totem Artifact and increase its quality and power. This merging seed makes all weapons found in the Tower very valuable.

As people could not always get the best materials when they created the Totem Artifact or had the best formation, merging with weapons found in the Tower could upgrade its blueprint, thus enhancing their potentials.

This is useless to me, it is the Golden Elite Level, and I do not use the Axe. Even if I had used the Axe, I would not use it. My Totem Artifact far surpassed normal Totem Artifact, it has the unlimited potential, to make it a forbidden ground had been nearly drained.

I put away the Axe in my storage, the will fetch a very good price due to its merging ability. I stayed in the room for a few seconds before I teleported to the 101st level and continued climbing the levels.

If I wanted, I could have stayed in the 100th Level for a day; there was a door that leads to a resting room. Every hundred levels, the Tower offers the rest of one day, those who want to could take it.

The level after 100th had more Grimm Monster in them, and that is a very good thing for me. I get to kill more and more Grimm Monster, which gives me more and more stuff.

These Platinum Level Grimm Monsters have a lot of stuff, a lot more than that of Golden Elites. It made me really happy, as the more things they have, the quicker I will be able to Advance my constitution.

110th, 120th,130th, 140th, 150th, 160th, 170th, I kept climbing the level. It is no challenge to me at all, if not for me collecting the stuff from the Grimm Monster after killing them, my speed would have been even higher.

I wonder how Ashlyn must be doing; she had also entered The War Tower with me. I'm sure she would be faster than me. Before en

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