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Chapter 983 - Colossal Mountain Hammer Art III

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"Fifth Mountain!"

It said, and the phantom of another mountain appeared behind it. The smile on his face had long since disappeared; it now only had rage and killing intent for me, which could be easily sensed from the attack of it.

The Fifth mountain created even bigger suppression and the force that the hammer is coming is even greater.

The power of this move is really great that I wanted to use that, but I quickly shook off that through, it is not a time, or at least I still could defend against this move with the power of my own body.



A resounding clang resounded as our weapon clashed and I finally stepped back, this attack of it was powerful enough that it had made me step back despite my resistance. Though I am not injured even a bit, still making me take back with my current strength is not an easy thing to do.

While I am feeling surprised, I could see rage bubbling inside it, and it's killing intent for me soured even higher, that I feel like it might open its big mouth and chomp on me instead of attacking me with its hammer.

"Sixth Mountain!"

It shouted and launched another attack with suppression strong enough that the weak special Adamantine would be crushed by it without resistance. The suppression is so great that normal that weak would have his bones crushed to the powder under such suppression.

Seeing such a powerful attack, the battle intent inside me burned even higher, and I swung my sword with even more power; this time, I was not holding back even a shred of my physical power.


Step Step Step

Sparks like the fireworks flew as our weapons clashed. If these had been any platinum and Diamond beside us and had those sparks flown at them, they would have directly tuned into the Ash.

The power of This attack was great that it shook my whole body, and I had to take the three steps back, the pressure of me so great that I had left deep marks on the hard soul of the Tower.

"When I first heard you are leading whatever mountain arts 1st level you have comprehended, I thought you would give a satisfying fight but what you have my empty words."

"In all your attacks, you have not even been able to injure me much less make me use anything other than my physical strength to defend against you," I said mockingly when it heard my mock, its face became quite bad, it looked like it ate something very bad.

"If it's all you have, I might just kill you now instead of wasting my fighting with you." I mocked, which made its face even worse and killing intent for me rocket at an even greater height.

"BASTARD, you won't see the real power of my Art, I will show you the real power of my Art that you will regret mocking me."

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