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Chapter 969 - Entering I

Sacrificing all the offensive power is really worth it, with senses such as this, I could be able to defeat any opponent that is a lot stronger than me.

Both Violet Horn Bullman and Frost Snakemen already launched their attack; their attacks were not the formal attack but filled with Method Power, which is fatal to even current me.

But I did not fear their attacks, seeing their attacks coming at me, I whip my sword at the Icy sword of the Frost Snakeman as it attacks is faster than that of the Bullman and also closer to me, I will deal with the Spear of Bullman after I finished dealing with the sword of Snakeman.


Our sword moved closer and closer, till they finally clashed and I thought a resounding metallic sound would ring out but to my and Snakemans utter shock that my sword had directly cut through the icy thin sword of the Frost Snakemen, cutting it into two.

This scene not only shocked Snakemen and me, but those who were watching the battle had also been shocked seeing it.

The sword of Snakeman may look delicate, but it is extremely heavy, weighing close to my sword and not to forget it the sword of special, which made it out of ordinary weapon even among the weapons of the Adamantines.

Cutting the sword had surprised me as I never expected that the power of the enchantment would become great and that it was able to cut the powerful weapons held by the Adamantine.

It was a surprise but it also produced opportunity, as my sword cut through the Snakemen's sword, it moved toward the chest of Snakeman at a very fast speed.

The color drained from the face of the snakemen and struggle appeared for the brief moment before it started to move back, but to the snakemans shocks, it's retreat does not seem to have an effect on the speed of the sword as it is coming at the same speed.

Seeing that a smile couldn't help but alight on my face, though I could not kill it as it will make things quite complicated and might even start the battle which we are trying to avoid, I could still have little fun with it.


My sword just a hand distance from the chest of the Grimm Monster when a White Spear appeared and blocked my sword, I am not surprised by the block, if I wanted to I could have easily avoided it and cut the frost Snakemen into two before any of its special abilities could materialize.

"Human, it is enough."

Violet Horn Bullman thundered angrily, it is very angry, and the reason is not me going after the Frost Snakeman but the mark my sword had created on its white spear, this had really angered the Bullman.

"Calm down; I am going to kill it, yet!" I said before adding a moment of break, hearing that, the expressions of the both Grimm Monster soured, especially frost Snakeman who had opened its mouth to say something but closed it as it saw my sword disappearing from my hand.

The battle had been finished, not only mine but to oth

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