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Chapter 972 - Crossing Levels I

I have crossed the 300th level in just two and a half hours; my speed had barely slowed even after strong Dimond started to show up. It did not matter; If it is Platinum, Diamond, or regular Adamantine, everything is the same for me.

In the 300 levels, I had crossed, I had received three rewards, on which is an ax, a shield, and as strange as it sounds three seeds. Those seeds are of the very rare lily, called from Tranquil Lily Family; these lilies produce a smell that could calm one's mind.

I had directly added them into my Constitution formation, but seeing they are not making much difference, I took them out. I could sell them in exchange for herbs; if I am lucky, I might be even able to fill 1% of constitution storage.

Since my constitution had upgraded Level 10, I started adding stuff for Level 11, and there is quite a big chance that I might be able to gather enough materials in the Tower that might be able to upgrade my constitution to Level 11.

I have this hope because I was able to collect the 1.8% materials for the Level 11 Constitution Advancement.

Seeing I need about four times more resources Advancement to Level 11 Constitution, getting this much resources within a hundred some levels is a huge deal.

These resources, I have got them from the Platinums and Diamonds. So I go higher and come across more powerful Grimm Monsters, I will be able to gather even more resources, I just wished I would be able to gather enough resources to take my Constitution to Level 11, if I can do that then I might have a chance to go above 900th level.

With those hopeful thoughts, I kept advancing while killing any Grimm Monster I've come across. At these levels most of the powerhouses of Diamonds, Platinum levels have ceased to exist here.

While I am crossing the levels, my own level finally started increasing with the elixir; when I reached the 599th level, my level had reached Seven Star Diamond. I have been taking Diamond level Elixir for the past three hundred levels, but it only took me to Seven Star Diamond, not even a peak Diamond.

For normal Diamond, this much Elixir would be enough to take the Adamantine Level, but it only took me to Diamond Level.

Level 10 Constitution has a huge energy need; that even I started to feel scared again thinking about the resources I would need if I was outside.

And this is the need of the Level 10 Constitution, Level 11 and Level 12 Constitution would have even higher resource needs that I started to sweat just thinking about them.

I shook my head off to those thoughts as thinking too much about them will not help me at all and looked at the gate before me, it will take me to the 600th layer where I will receive and reward, and after then, I will be sent to the 601st level finally.

601st level is for the Adamantine, ahead of all the enemies and obstruction I will face to have power to the Adamantine. They will ei

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