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Chapter 992 - Power Of Runic Armor


'F.u.c.k, the power!' I cursed in astonishment seeing the strength of its attack; it is f.u.c.k.i.n.g powerful.

It's been fifteen minutes since we are fighting, and since then, it has shown the power far greater than I had expected.

Not only has the strength of its attacks increased, but it's whole body movements have also become ghostly. I always had to keep my killing Rule locked on it, a tiny mistake I would be seriously injured.

It's a good thing that I had a Runic Armor, if not for that, I would have been finished by now as even with my powerful Constitution, each of its attacks is powerful enough to injure me seriously.

The Runic Armor is very powerful, and I am very proud of it, not only the design of it, which I spent months on creating but controlling it also took a huge effort that a normal person would not be able to do with superior control over one's energies.

There are a total of 1294 Runes are needed to create the Runic Armor formation, and I am controlling that formation while fighting. To do that, one needs to have expert focus and control, which needs years of practice.

I had gained that from the Swirling Armor and Seven long months I had spent in perfecting my control.

All my hard work had created this Armor a work of Art; it would do all the things that Swirling Armor could do and much more, but it is an undeniable fact that Runic Armor is based on the Swirling Armor.

I still used the Analogy or swirls and dividing the force in the design of the Armor and also created Instant Movement and Instant Blast with this Armor.

Like in the previous Swirling Armor, the foreign force and energies that came for me would enter various swirls and get crushed is also happening in the Runic Armor, it's just that instead of swirls made of my fire ability, I used a Runic formation that worked like a swirl.

I replaced everything with the Runic Formation, and now my next target has infused the power of the Rules in the Armor.

In the Swirling Armor, I just mix the Rule powers in my ability and make slight calibrations so that it will work, but doing that is very difficult in the Runic Armor.

Here I will have to change the Runes according to the power of the Rules; I nearly finish choosing the runes; I just to replace the Runes and calibrate the Armor according to it; it will take a few days and might even take a week or more.

Nothing could be said when it comes to Runes, especially when I am calibrating the Armor outside. If it were in my conscious space, it would have been done very quickly, but outside, it takes time.

I am fortunate that I have gained the Knowledge Crystal, as before gaining it I had made the Runic Armor, but it was not as perfect as this one, and there were many flaws inside it, which made it unusable till I fixed its flaws and that would have taken me months.

The knowledge Crystal had not

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