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Chapter 981 - Colossal Mountain Hammer Art I

In the 809th Level, there are two Grimm Monsters; they are Werewolf and Lionman Tribe. The werewolf is fighting against the Human while the Lionmen is fighting against Snow Golems.

I quickly disappeared from my spot before snow Golem, or Grimm Monsters noticed my entrance. The fights are happening at quite a distance, but such distance is nothing to me.


I said as I appeared behind a seven-meter tall Lionman who was holding a Black Axe cloaked in lightning, my sudden appearance had startled it, but it did not delay its reaction as it reacted lightning fast as it swung its ax at the back.


I easily avoided the thunderous Ax that is coming at me before taking a few steps into the air and piercing my sword through the chest of Lionman. It was quite easy to kill, despite it using its inheritance; it was no match for me.

Slice Slice Slice…

After I killed it, I finished off the Snow Golems before picking up its body and storing it into my storage.

As the stuff sorted out a moment later, I added them to my constitutional storage before moving toward the second fight, which is raging at a few kilometers distance.

I soon appeared close so I could see and sense the fight clearly; both of them are fighting with their all. Their inheritances have been activated, and the colorful attacks could be seen rumbling everywhere.

"Need any help?" I asked a young man who seemed to be a year older than me. They had not sensed approaching, so when I asked, both of them got startled and instantly stopped the fight and separated.

I could feel their senses on me, especially werewolves. It is looking very cautious; I am very sure the moment I tried to launch the attack, it would crush its badge to escape.

"No. I can handle it on my own." Said the young man as he rejected my assistance, "Ok then, good luck." I said as I moved toward the exit. It is a little regretful as in favor of helping him, I would ask for the stuff that I need as my share of the loot.

Well, he should be fine against the Werewolf, they both have a similar level of battle power, so even if he wasn't able to defeat the werewolf, he would at least be able to escape while crushing his badge.

With that, I walked out of 809 and entered 810 were there again was a Grimm Monster. Though it was only one, it was still better than finding the dry level; I quickly killed that Grimm Monster before moving forward.


Soon, I once again entered the small room, and green rays started to shine over me; as it did my level started filling and within a few seconds, I went from Five Star Adamantine to Six Star Adamantine.

This the first something like this had happened, ever since I entered the tower, there was no single elixir which was able to fill my level fully except for this one, well it should otherwise this level would lose a name the level for the powerful Specials.

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